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This free report, "Moving to Ecuador: 7 Important Questions Answered,” is essential reading for anyone even slightly considering that possibility. Pro-Ecuador. com exists to assist people who are moving to Ecuador to make balanced, informed decisions about living or investing in Ecuador.  We've compiled this report with that desire in mind.

During the years that Gary and I have made Ecuador our permanent home, we’ve watched numerous newcomers arrive, excited and hopeful about enjoying the country's extraordinary bounty.

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But some people have moved to Ecuador, whole-heartedly embraced it, enthusiastically created a new life . . . and then left.  Why the change of heart?  What brought about the death of their new dream?

The top reason for leaving is that they find out, after the fact, that Ecuador wasn’t really what they wanted.  They experience a rude awakening to certain aspects of life in Ecuador not to their liking.  Something they hadn’t thought about crops up unexpectedly and it doesn’t fit their dream or requirements or lifestyle.

Ecuador is a stunningly beautiful country, no doubt about it.  For many years it’s received very little attention from the world at large.  But now people are flocking here to bask in the diversity, fine weather, fascinating culture and pure environment.

Ecuador has definitely been “discovered.”  Now Ecuador receives a whole lot of attention from marketers, promoters, advertisers and travelers.  International Living has rated Ecuador it’s #1 and #2 choice for retirement and named Cuenca, Ecuador’s beautiful colonial city, their #1 city for retirees.

A plethora of websites laud the glories of living in Ecuador and the benefits of retiring there.  And these sites attract a steady stream of foreigners to Ecuador to check it out.

Psychologists consider moving and/or selling your home one of the most stressful activities there is.  It’s rated ‘way up there at the top of the list, along with divorce and death of a loved one.

But is Ecuador truly the place for you? Buying into the pie-in-the-sky hype about Ecuador without researching the downside may result in a great deal of disappointment and frustration. Acting from haste or euphoria can lead to a premature or unwise decision on your part.

No one wants to have to pull up stakes and move yet again after finding out they’ve made a poor choice by not gathering enough vital information. Additionally, the added stress adversely affects health, peace of mind and financial stability.

So although the positive aspects of living and retiring in Ecuador are numerous, before you decide that moving to Ecuador is what you want todo, we’d like to share some very pertinent information about topics you may not have considered.

Get our FREE report:  “Moving to Ecuador: 7 Important Questions Answered" 

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Have you thought about how moving to Ecuador will affect your relationships with family, friends or business associates?

Are you REALLY prepared to live in a country with very different customs, language and culture and do you have any idea what those differences are?

Any idea whether you’ll need to bring a car with you to Ecuador or whether it’s best to buy one after you move?  Do you even need a car of your own in Ecuador?

Do you know what you need to bring with you to Ecuador if you are going to ship personal belongings and what is best to buy in Ecuador after your arrival?

To make it easier for you to weigh the pros and cons, Pro-Ecuador has prepared this free thought-provoking report.  The report will answer many of your questions, but equally important, it is meant to uncover other areas you may not have previously contemplated.   It will also help balance your perspective.

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We also offer several e-books for sale on our site, if you should want to delve even deeper into what Ecuador is all about.

If you are even remotely entertaining the idea of moving to Ecuador, then this free report, "Moving to Ecuador: 7 Important Questions Answered,” is a must-read. This free special report uncovers the most important yet often most overlooked details that can make or break your successful transition to a new country.

So save yourself lots of time, money, frustration and disappointment. Our free report, followed up with our free newsletter, will give you a more balanced view of Ecuador the country, her people and culture. You’ll be much better equipped to make an informed decision about moving to Ecuador.

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Get our FREE report:  “Moving to Ecuador: 7 Important Questions Answered" 

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