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Pakakuna Gardens

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Retire in Ecuador: Cotacachi Retirement Condos -

Entire Project for Sale


This project is suspended for a time, and is for sale. The project owner is no longer taking contracts for these units. Watch these pages for new updates as they happen. --Feb. 2013.

This project in partially constructed. All permits are in place and a construction company is ready to continue construction. Seventy units and an administration building with restaurant, swimming pool, and spa are in the first phase. The project has 6.6 acres of land and has space for 140 units. Owner is offering project for less than he has invested.

A two bedroom sales model has been constructed on the property so prospective buyers can see a finished product.

Floor Plans:

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Floor plan of the first floor Floor plan of the second floor Floor plan of the third floor

Square Footage

First floor - largest units - 2 bedroom, 2 bath - 1195 square feet
Second floor - smaller 2 bedroom, 2 bath - 1066 square feet
Third floor - 1 bedroom, 1 bath penthouse - 935 square feet

Square footage includes balconies.

A special opportunity only for investors/developers: If you have interest in purchasing this project, use our contact form.


Read our web page for detailed information about closing costs and the Ecuador real estate buying process.



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