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We Can Help with Your Cotacachi Real Estate Needs is the website of Eagle and Condor Internacional CIA. LTD., a fully registered Ecuadorian Company.  Our primary purpose is to facilitate the integration of the cultures of North and South America.   

The shamans of North and South America have long predicted that when the eagle of the North flies together with the condor of the South, this will signify the dawning of a new age of peace.  

The beginning of this transformation is happening now. For many years, we have committed our lives to personal growth and planetary expansion. In 2006, we were directed to come to Cotacachi, not fully knowing why. Only a very few expats were living in Cotacachi at that time.  

Now, many people are following an inner urging to move to Ecuador.  We will assist those who want to come to participate in the fulfillment of this ancient legend. Our professional services are mainly in the areas of real estate, consulting, introductory tours and classes, Spanish translating and old-fashioned hand-holding.

The staff of has diverse experience, many years of meditation teaching and counseling, experience in living in a variety of countries and cultures, knowledge of Ecuador and a broad network of associates and acquaintances. Our primary commitment is to facilitate the dawning of a new planetary paradigm.

We offer the following FREE services:

•    All information on and our Living in Ecuador Blog
•    Answers to questions about Ecuador real estate

Ecuador Real Estate/Cotacachi Real Estate:  How we work--

Seller's Agents--

We primarily act as Cotacachi real estate seller's agents for condominiums and gated communities in the Cotacachi area.   We offer condominiums, town houses, apartments and single-family houses.  In these situations, we have a contractual obligation to the sellers of these properties.  The seller pays our commission.  

However, we work closely with the buyer and seller to insure that both clients are satisfied with the transaction, so the buyer benefits whether he pays a commission or not.  Without happy buyers and sellers, our business will suffer.   

We assist in all steps of the purchase process including recommending an attorney, advising in the legal process, writing and negotiating contracts, explaining the differences in Ecuador law and real estate practices and translating documents when necessary.  

Our service does not stop with the sale of the property.
  Since many buyers do not speak Spanish nor understand Ecuador's legal system, customs or purchase process, we provide a wide array of personal services not traditionally furnished by an agent in the U.S.  

In addition, if you purchase a property to be constructed, we will continue to act as intermediaries between buyer and seller to see that the process continues as smoothly as possible and according to plan.  We can assist in finding temporary housing while your house is being constructed.   We will advise with regard to banking and visa matters and recommend qualified people to assist you with all your legal needs, even recommend professionals and stores for furnishing your new home.

Buyer’s Agents

The Ecuador real estate market is very different than in North America. It is said that everything is for sale in Ecuador.  But many sellers in Ecuador are not motivated to sell because they own their property outright. Thus there is very little expense involved in keeping property.  Therefore properties can be over-priced since owners don't really have to sell and are just "fishing," testing the market to see how much they can get.   

However, occasionally, a property comes to our attention that is a good buy for our clients and is offered by a truly motivated seller.   

On most of these properties the sellers pay our commission. However, occasionally, we represent these properties as buyer's agents:

As a buyer's agent we assist our clients in the purchase of Ecuador real estate/Cotacachi real estate. As a buyer’s agent we will:

  • Evaluate the specific needs and wants of our clients. 

  • Locate properties that fit those specifications. If we cannot help you we may be able to recommend agents who can.  

  • Assist in showing the properties--accompany our clients on the showings or preview the properties on behalf of our clients to insure that the identified specifications are met.

  • Consult on the nuances of moving to Ecuador.

  • Advise the buyer on structuring an appropriate offer to purchase the selected property.

  • Present the offer to the property owner on the client’s behalf.

  • Negotiate the sales price on behalf of our clients to help obtain the identified property at a reasonable price -- keeping the client’s best interests in mind.

  • Provide a list of potential qualified vendors (e.g. attorneys, builders, etc.) if these services are needed.

  • Fully represent and owe fiduciary responsibilities to our clients throughout the entire real estate transaction.


As both buyer's agents and seller's agents, we charge $15/hr. to show property, plus any transportation costs.  Our fee to conclude a transaction as a buyer's agent is 6% of the final purchase price less any fees already paid (retainer plus fees for property showing).  In other words, if a buyer purchases property through our services, we refund the buyer any fees we have been paid.  For consulting work, or translation, we charge $20 per hour.    

Some Ecuador promoters say that they offer to show real estate without fees. However, you generally get what you pay for.  We are a full-service company and hold your hand as much as needed through the entire buying process.  We believe this valuable service, coupled with our experience, is well worth the cost in added benefits such as less stress, fewer mistakes and delays, less time spent in searching on your own and most important, saving you money in the long run.

Using Pro-Ecuador as a Buyer’s Agent will Not Result in Double Fees

Most real estate in Ecuador is sold directly by owners. We advise our clients of the amount of commission due at closing, by the buyer. In the event another selling agent has an exclusive listing, we will accept the co-fee offered by the seller's agent.  With Pro-Ecuador, we guarantee you will never pay a double commission. It is completely unethical and it will never happen with us. 

Exclusive Representation or Dual Agency?

Our company may act as both a buyer’s agent and seller’s agent for some properties.  Properties for which we act as the seller’s agent will be fully disclosed to our clients.  Should a client purchase a property for which we are the seller’s agent, no commission fee will be charged the buyer.

Why Do We Negotiate Low Prices and Favorable Terms?

Why does an agent working in Ecuador, who works on commission, negotiate the lowest possible price?  This is a valid question.  Our commission is reduced slightly with a lower selling price.  However, a satisfied customer is much more valuable than the foregone commission.  Word-of-mouth advertising from happy customers is priceless.   

In addition, it is our goal to do our best to prevent real estate inflation specifically  to foreigners, which will ultimately harm us all.  A common practice in Ecuador real estate is for Ecuadorian agents to mark up a property well beyond the price asked by the owner.  Pro-Ecuador does not engage in this practice.

You can be guaranteed that the commission we charge you as buyer's agent or the commission the owner pays us as a sellers agent, is the only fee we receive.  

We will not show properties that we feel are priced well beyond market value, unless we believe that the owner is open to negotiation.

If you would like to provide feed back about our services and website, please click here.

Rentals in Cotacachi--Vacation Rentals,
Short- and Long-Term Rentals

Pro-Ecuador previously offered Cotacachi vacation rentals. However, we no longer do so. There are some rentals in Cotacachi, both by Ecuadorians and by expat absentee owners. At this writing in July of 2012, rentals are very popular and somewhat difficult to come by. We have one listing on our site for vacation rentals by a person who owns five houses here. Click here to see this link.

Your best opportunity is to come here and look around. There are several bulletin boards around town, and local expats will point you in the right direction. Fully furnished rentals range in price from $350 per month to more than $800. Unfurnished rentals can often be found from $200 per month and up.

Introduction to Ecuador Tours

Editor's note: Eagle and Condor Internacional CIA. LTD is not currently running Introduction to Ecuador or Real Estate Tours. Sign-up to our newsletter for the latest updates. 

Occasionally, Pro-Ecuador offers Cotacachi Real Estate and Introduction to Ecuador Tours.  These tours provide a taste of Ecuador for those considering moving here.  

We show a variety of properties, introduce you to trusted associates to help with residency visas, and generally have a great time. Our desire is to answer the question you may have about banking, purchasing property, shipping goods, renting, and visas, plus a whole lot more.

Sign up for our free newsletter in the right column on top of this page to receive Ecuador updates, information about new listings and real estate tours.

Do you have any questions about real estate?  Please use this form or call Gary Phillips at +1-218-206-1115 to find out how we can be of service to you.  We are here to help with all your Cotacachi real estate needs. Please be advised that we no longer field questions about rentals. 

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