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Parque Shambhala house

Parque Shambala house
Living room


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Welcome to Cotacachi, located in the Imbabura Province, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and varied areas in Ecuador. Here you can find a multitude of beautiful lakes and varied wildlife, including over 249 species of birds. Due to the year-round spring-like weather, the province is rich with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Cotacachi, itself, is nestled in the heart of extinct volcanoes, the nearest being the Cotacachi volcano (17,000ft), and Imbabura volcano (16,500ft).

Amidst this beauty, this majesty lies Parque Shambhala. Parque Shambhala is a walled, garden-compound consisting of 6 new houses that are a marriage of Ecuadorian style-and-construction, and American conveniences, nestled at the foot of the extinct Cotacachi volcano seen at the top of this page.