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Pakakuna Gardens

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Pakakuna Gardens Vision Statement

Those who are living at Pakakuna Gardens are creating a holistic community of educated, free-thinking, freedom-loving, creative, successful people who desire an ever-expanding experience of life in all its glorious aspects. We intend to remain actively involved with others, giving and sharing, rather than retiring from life.

Our community is made up of people of integrity who are always going deeper into the heart of life, reaching for greater connection to the Source in order to understand our purpose, our belief systems, motivations, reactive natures and souls.

We meet the end of life with joy and excitement, seeing it as nothing more than the beginning of a fascinating new journey and nothing less than a grand opportunity to change form. Some of us believe that we will go to other realms and re-begin life with a chance to understand ourselves even more and to correct karmas of the past.

We are helpers to the end, assisting young and old, rich and poor, to find healthier ways to deal with life's last stages and with the health issues that threaten our longevity, joy, everlasting peace and well-being.

The above vision statement reflects the life work of Claus and Maria Elena Egger, a couple in their early '70's. They have focused their collective energies into a radically new kind of project that would be a challenge for someone many years younger. Yet they proceed with their vision undaunted and with bright enthusiasm.

pakakuna gardens

Their goals at Pakakuna Gardens are multiple:

To bring together a cohesive and cooperative community of elders and seekers who want to explore new positive ways of handling death and aging. They will transform the negative judgments and fears that many have around this process. Eventually we will come to know that longevity is our birthright, not dying prematurely.


Instead of retiring to a life of inactivity, Claus and Maria Elena believe that we can reach out as stewards, care-givers and mentors to both the young and old, teaching from our experience in other fields and from our newly-acquired wisdom regarding how to make our latter years the very best, most fulfilling time of our lives.

Under these auspices, the Eggers intend to gather this collective elder wisdom and share the knowledge of how to age holistically with grace and integrity. Then these new principles can be taught to those in the community and beyond. Thus, the young can learn a new attitude regarding their later years and a new respect for the older population.

To fully support elders throughout the death process of a spouse or other loved one, helping them to find comfort and renewed purpose in facing life as a single person again.

The dying will be honored and sustained throughout their passing instead of shunned, lamented or treated with revulsion or fear.

To build a medical center at Pakakuna Gardens and a geriatric medical facility in Checa that will administer to the aging population in the area.


At an early age, both Claus and Maria Elena left the familiarity and comfort of their home countries to live abroad in several foreign countries. Their boldness and zest for new experiences has rewarded them handsomely throughout their lives, providing them with a lifestyle of abundance and beauty that few people ever find.


Now in their seventh decade of life, they continue to expand into new areas, both inner and outer, as they seek to evolve more consciously and deepen their relationship with the Creator. Their present lives illustrate dynamically the principles they live by and seek to impart to others who may be inspired to leave their homes in other lands and journey to this hidden place in Ecuador.

Pakakuna Gardens

Maria Elena's love of gardening and of beauty and serenity has created the perfect safe nest from which to deepen an inner practice of conscious evolution.


Claus's education and therapeutic experience provide all the tools necessary for others to use to begin their journey of self-exploration.

Read the story of how their creative and very productive partnership began.

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