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Pakakuna Gardens

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Pakakuna Gardens, "The Hiding Place"

Pakakuna Gardens, a remarkable rural development of country homes and villas, is aptly named. As the crow flies, it's just a few mountains away from Quito or about forty minutes driving time, but worlds away in terms of beauty and privacy. Disguised by dense trees and at a fair distance from urban dwellings, it has been a well-kept secret for years.

Pakakuna gardens

A private home and gardens for many decades, the estate is now being offered to others as a place to build their country home or to retire in Ecuador in grand style. It's the kind of sanctuary we dream of as a fitting place to spend what can be the best years of our lives.

The benefits of Pakakuna Gardens are numerous: a remarkable quality of life that includes pure mountain air, peace and tranquility, organic food, outstanding recreational opportunities, the best in medical care and a sophisticated and international mix of new friends and acquaintances.


All of this luxury is housed in a setting of picture-perfect gardens, framed with trees that form living boundaries, and accented with shimmering ponds, waterfalls and other water features.

Location and Climate

Hidden even from the small town of Checa, which is the location of the new Quito airport, Pakakuna Gardens is situated in a special world all its own. Leaving Checa and heading for Pakakuna Gardens, cobbled country roads take you out into the countryside. One such road eventually winds between huge trees whose branches arch overhead.

Pakakuna's beautiful gardens

Vestiges of the urban life quickly fall behind as one passes pastures and fields. Entering through the estate gates and following the road to its end, the visitor is enveloped in a semi-tropical paradise.

This retreat from the world at large sits high above two rivers that border two sides of the property. The views are spectacular. Ravines drop dramatically down to the rivers.

I could see far away to the edges of Quito in the misty distance. Soft green valleys that surround the land offer a special sense of place and of safety and comfort.

Bird of Paradise

Ecuador is known as the "land of eternal spring." At Pakakuna the climate varies between 80°F (27°C) and 55°F (12°C). With no extreme temperature changes, the gardens are green and bursting with the color and fragrance of flowers all year long.

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The Estate

Pakakuna Gardens is a 36-hectare (89 acre) project which will ultimately contain approximately 200,000 m2 (49 acres) of gardens and green spaces. About 160,000 m2 (40 acres) of the project is designated for homes, a restaurant, club house, stables, store, chapel and other public buildings.

Artistic render

At this time, 144 villas are planned for the central spaces, to be ringed around the edges of the project by approximately 43 gracious single-family homes. Villas range from single dwellings to duplexes, all encased in their own private garden enclaves, granting the owner an unparalleled sense of serenity, privacy and safety.

Visit this web page for more details about lot sizes, house and villa dimensions and floor plans.


Click on map to enlarge

The impeccably designed and built villas and country houses are being constructed to the exacting specifications of one of Ecuador's finest architects, Patricio Falconi. Under his expert supervision, these homes are of superb quality and craftsmanship.

House under construction

Here one can retire or semi-retire either part- or full-time. Or simply invest in a country retreat that has multiple uses. Utilize it as a garden get-away on weekends, a vacation home, guest house for friends and relatives or rent it out for extra income during the times you aren't personally occupying it.

Public Facilities and Activities

1. Club house with a café, pub, television and video rooms, game rooms and library. Here residents and guests will find an oasis in which to read books, unwind with a drink, be entertained by an extensive video library, use the internet, play pool or challenge each other to a game of cards. Just outside the restaurant is a heated outdoor swimming pool. All of these services are included in the homeowners' fees.


2. Restaurant, housed in the owners' original home, now so thoroughly wreathed in green vines, bright flowers, hanging ferns and potted plants as to seem a part of the natural landscape, a living piece of green architecture.

Stone-arched windows

Lounge in a fanciful patio room enclosed in stone arches. This room has large glass windows that impart a feeling of being outdoors among the plants and flowers.

Dining options will include a breakfast buffet, 3 lunch choices daily, an evening fruit buffet, plus special menus for residents with dietary restrictions.

3. Wellness Center with a sauna, Turkish bath, gymnasium and whirlpool. There will be an indoor heated pool with hydro-therapy, all included in the homeowners' fees.

Here one can work out to stay in good health or luxuriate in a relaxing massage.

Stone path through garden

4. Recreation will be provided for residents—walking paths, a putting green, tennis court, miniature golf, a giant chessboard and boccia. Use of these recreational facilities are included in the homeowners' fees.

5. Creative Activities will be available on the estate for residents to enjoy—music, art, painting and handicrafts, dancing.

6. Equestrian Center with stables, trails for riding horses, riding lessons and boarding of personal horses.

7. A Store will offer fruits, vegetables and other edibles, wine and coffee. It will act as a gathering place and also house a delicatessen, bakery, hair salon and ATM machine.

8. Small Lodge for visitors with eight rooms.

9. Ecumenical Chapel

10. Security comes in the form of 24-hour GPS tracking for those residents desiring this service. A guard will be on duty 24 hours a day at the entrance gate and also patrol the development.

11. Additional Service Options are the following:

  • House or apartment cleaning and maid service
  • Laundry
  • Travel agency for plane tickets and tours/excursions/shopping
  • Shuttle to Quito or Arrayanes Golf Course
  • Trips to spas, recreational areas and places of interest
  • Covered parking for residents
  • Digital TV
  • Internet connection in all houses and apartments

12. Medical/Therapeutic Center under the auspices of Universidad San Francisco de Quito. This outstanding feature makes Pakakuna Gardens extremely valuable and unique among residential communities.

Modern, thoroughly professional, holistic health care with be provided 24 hours a day. Residents can choose from an array of alternative medical treatments, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal remedies and natural medicine.

Cutting edge regenerative medicine will feature RNS cellular compounds to slow the aging process and memory loss through the manufacturing of new cells.

A wide range of holistic health practices will be promoted, with patients having access to psychotherapy, hydro-therapy, physiotherapy, alternative medicines and nutrition.

In addition to general practice and geriatrics, there will be dental care, emergency care, day and night ambulance service, a pharmacy, observation room and conference room. There will even be a helicopter landing pad.


Waterfall and pond

Development, construction and sale of the project is being handled by a company which raised the capital funds through European and Ecuadorian investors.

Management is under the direction of staff professionally trained through the Hotel Management and Health Care departments of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

The Pakakuna Foundation is a nonprofit organization which will manage the development. One of its primary functions is to provide geriatric services for the elderly poor in the Checa and Tumbaco area.

Funds for this initiative will come from project promoters, fund raisers, donations and 10% of the homeowners' fees.

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Home Owners' Association Fees

At present, HOA fees are under review. The amount, along with a list of available services and the costs of those services, will be announced at a later date. And of course, these fees are subject to change and revision at the discretion of home owners after the project is finished.

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