Olga Fisch Folklore Museum and Gallery

The Olga Fisch Folklore Museum and Gallery is dedicated to the collections of Olga Fisch,  a Hungarian artist and collector who travelled to Ecuador in the 1930’s.  Her great appreciation for Ecuador folk art and crafts and her recognition of its potential led her to begin a working relationship with Ecuador folk artists that lasted for half a century.  Under her guidance and tutelage, Ecuador artists refined  their work, elevating much of it to fine art.

“In collecting folk art, one must look not for antiquity, but authenticity. Beyond that, it is a question of emotional response.”  Olga Fisch.

Among the many beautiful and unique artistic expressions you will find at Olga Fisch are hand-made wool rugs woven on the premises, tapestries, shigra bags, Panama hats, tigua paintings, leather goods, fine clothing and weavings from cotton, wool and alpaca, jewelry, sacred statuary and wooden carvings from San Antonio de Ibarra, candles from La Ronda, embroidery from Zuleta.

On a recent visit, we took some pictures of the gallery shop and grounds.

Here are some of the items for sale—hand-made wool rugs, copies of antique metalwork, tapestries, wood carvings and imaginative metal sculptures.

This is the ornate painting on the ceiling of the office.

There is also a small museum showcasing such items as pottery, jewelry and statues dating from the pre-Colombian era.

You can visit the folklore museum and gallery in Quito at the address below.  I find it’s best to call first because we made 3 or 4 visits before we found the shop open for business.  The shop is usually open on Saturdays.

Olga Fisch Folklore
Colon Avenue E-10-53 and Caamano Street

Phone: (593-2) 541 315
Website: www.olgafisch.com 

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