Is Ecuador's Popularity Ruining Its Economy?

by EcuadorGeorge
(Forest Falls, California, USA)

It has been my experience from visiting and reading about real estate purchasing and renting, that your best deal will come if you are in Ecuador when you purchase or rent a property. Buying or renting a place on line before you get there is something I would never do. I have noticed that prices are almost double on line. You must negotiate or at least understand what is a fair price in Ecuador, not what sounds good compared to prices you are used to in your country.

It is not fair to the local economy for a large group of visitors to come in and drive prices up so much that the locals are affected negatively. Set your budget as low as possible, but make it a number that is fair for the local economy. If you agree to pay $400 for an apartment that usually rents for $250, then you will be causing huge inflation to happen and this beautiful and affordable country that you are a guest in will quickly loose some of its appeal.

Inflation will hurt everyone, but mostly the local people that are trying to live within their means… I am determined to find a nice clean 2 bedroom apartment for no more than $300 per month. Like many of you, I can afford much more but I will keep that money where it belongs and not affect the local economy by making bad choices….

Think before you act and it will make all the difference in the world...

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