Moving to Ecuador: An Insiders' Guide

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Ecuador Food Fusions: Beet Greens & Uvillas Recipe - Linda reveals one of her favorite Sicilian recipes with an Ecuadorian twist.

How to get Robbed in Quito - A cautionary tale of bargain-hunting in Ecuador with lessons for a safe, second-hand shopping experience.

Moving to Ecuador was a dream come true for us, two semi-retired expats from the U.S.  Ecuador's beauty is beyond imagining.  It will astound and amaze you.  We created a great life in Ecuador and you can too.

If you'd like to know why two veteran travelers who've explored more than 40 countries chose to live in Ecuador, you'll find out by reading We love to share our discoveries.

We believe that it's our unique personal experiences and those of others who have ventured to Ecuador that make our site special. There's even a story about a North American woman who married into a family of head-hunters.

There's an expat who has spent decades doing all he can to preserve a remote area of rainforest from chainsaws. A missionary in Ecuador designed and built a flying car to transport injured natives out of the jungle.

Before moving to Ecuador we had many preconceived ideas about the country that turned out to be false. Our goal at is to provide readers with a balanced perspective by reporting both the positive and negative aspects of life in Ecuador.

If you are serious about moving to Ecuador there's no need to embarrass yourself by making the same cultural faux pas that we've made.  We have tips for being a responsible traveler that will help prepare you for the cultural differences you will face.

Ecuador is a significantly different culture from the U.S.  For instance, we were astonished to learn that in Ecuador sometimes the indigenous can legally take the law into their own hands.

Those moving to Ecuador with the belief that it's just like the U.S. only cheaper are in for a shock.  Living in Ecuador is not for everyone and it's best to find that out before you invest here.

We share many of Ecuador's hidden places, those carefully guarded secret spots that are so hard to find on your own without exerting a lot of time, money and energy.

Our pictures of Ecuador may entice you to drop everything and get on the next plane to Quito.

If moving to Ecuador has ever crossed your mind, begin to gather the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. You can start by reading the general Ecuador information page.

Not sure which visa will work for you?  We describe all the different types of Ecuador visas and how to obtain them.

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When you do, you'll also receive a FREE 29-page report, "Moving to Ecuador: 7 Important Questions Answered," as our gift.  It contains valuable information and tips that will help you decide if Ecuador is the place for you.

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It's hard to come to Ecuador and not fall in love with the breathtaking landscapes.  Choosing from among the many gorgeous properties we found was difficult, but Gary and I finally found the perfect piece of property for us.

We will be sharing more and more about "Santuario Tuctara," our 4-hectare sustainable community in the coming weeks.

Real estate prices in Ecuador are still low compared to other Latin countries like Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica, but things are changing fast. The laws are loose and few of them protect the buyer.

Find an inexpensive hotel or pamper yourself in a five-star resort.

Soak in fabulous hot springs in the morning and climb mountains or relax on an Ecuador beach in the afternoon.

Many people decide to retire in Ecuador because of its friendly people, the low cost of living and the wonderful climate.  Others are more attracted to the expansive beaches or the opportunity to create a life with fewer restrictions and more creativity.

Medical care is good and health insurance is inexpensive.  Get high quality, low cost dental care or explore alternative medical remedies.  Learn what you need to know about protecting yourself and your health by reading Travel Safety.

Are you currently living in Ecuador or do you have great stories about your Ecuador travels?  If so, pay it forward by sharing your experiences, videos, travel tips, favorite places.

In fact, if you'd like to write for Pro-Ecuador, that's easy.  Become a guest blogger. We welcome informative, first-hand accounts of your expat or travel experiences.

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