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After Many Years Living in the US
We Now Enjoy Living in Ecuador

By Martha Perez

We are Martha and Hugo Perez, a couple from Ecuador who lived in the United States for many years.  Now we are back living in Ecuador. 
Living in Ecuador
Hugo went to college in the U.S. as a young man and lived there for 42 years.  He has degrees as a dental/mechanical and industrial/mechanical engineer.  After college, he worked for Reynolds Aluminum as a technician and later he worked for Richard Corporation in Chantilly, VA. where he designed and created parts for one of the first aerial photography machines.  

After Hugo retired we decided to move back to Ecuador.  As a retired person Hugo is very much enjoying being back in his country.   He spends his spare time now doing woodwork in his shop making beautiful inlaid wooden tea boxes and platters and helping Martha design the gardens on their 2 1/2 acre property. 

Hugo loves to share the wonderful experience of his life in Ecuador with guests who come to the bed and breakfast he and Martha operate.


Martha PerezMy name is Martha, and I have an executive secretary degree with a diplomacy specialty.  I worked for 18 years at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Washington, D.C.   This was a wonderful and enriching experience.  I had the opportunity to meet many important people from all over the world.  I also very much enjoyed the American culture and I learned a lot from that.
What I admire the most about Americans is the discipline and organization that the U.S. has and its incredible generosity.   I tried my best to learn and adopt these characteristics. 


Now that I’m back living in Ecuador, with all of my experience in the U.S., I want to combine what I have learned from the best of both cultures.  

Living in Ecuador

Hugo and I live close to Quito in the region of the valley of Cumbaya up in the mountains.  We have the most beautiful view of the valley, surrounded by the majesty of the volcanoes, the pure air and nature.

On a clear day, we can see nine volcanoes in the distance, like guardians keeping our valley safe.  When I am gardening, I fly to the infinite and experience the most unique sensation, communicating with God.  I realize how powerful and generous He is with us.

Ecuador CultureHugo built our house while I was still working in the U.S.  We love to share our home.   We have a swimming pool, tennis courts, sauna and barbecue house and one of the best gourmet cooks in Ecuador.   

We are glad to be back in Ecuador!