Photos of the Galapagos Islands: Part I

Photo Credits:  Paul Yarnall

These photos of the Galapagos Islands are part I of a 3-part series of pictures in Ecuador. They were taken during an Eco-Photo Tour by photographer Paul Yarnall, who helped lead the tour and shared his expertise with participants.These islands are one of most exciting and well known destinations in Ecuador. If you are living in Ecuador with a resident visa the entry fee is only $6, rather than the normal $100 charged to foreign tourists.  This is yet another benefit of living in Ecuador.

The Galapagos tortoise is even bigger and more impressive in person! You can see its size compared to this truck. 

The truck is actually a taxi and the photographer paid around $20 for a day-long private tour of some hidden places.  He was able to make great arrangements and he doesn't even speak Spanish.

The Galapagos tortoise is so gentle and laid back that he will let you get near enough to take close-up pictures.

Beautiful views like this one, reached only by boat, await you. You can find similar views along the entire Ecuadorian coast as well.  If you are living in Ecuador you can find great deals by arranging your own day trips once on location.

Take a look at how close you can get to the sea lions!

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