Galapagos Island Part II

Photo Credit: Paul Yarnall

The Galapagos Island sea lions provide an experience much different than many other parts of the world; here you can get really close!

These animals have no fear of humans and this one was caught napping!

The sight of a mother and her baby is very common in Ecuador. The sea lions are generally friendly. If you are lucky enough to spend some time in the water, you will see how playful and curious sea lions can be.

Behind the police station in Puerto Ayora, the marine iguanas have taken over a few old motorcycles.

While the marine iguanas swim and rest on motorcycles, the land iguanas stay in the more desert-like areas.

The diet of a land iguana includes prickly pear cactus.  They fight for position in order to get the last few bites.

Continue to Part III to see more pictures including some very beautiful birds!

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