Ecuador Retirement: A Canadian Attorney Moves To Ecuador

Saving Retirement E-Book--A How-To-Do-It Primer

By Gary Phillips

Baby-boomer retirement is upon us. And for many it is not necessarily a happy time. The financial crash of 2008 wiped out billions in investment/savings accounts. The housing crash left would-be retirees all over North America with significantly less equity in their homes than they had anticipated.

Ray Flett is just such a person. He is a retired prosecuting attorney from Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is about 90 miles from where I grew up in northern Minnesota. Ray retired in 2006 with a sizeable nest egg that he believed would see him through his retirement years.

“I had a very good, comfortable life in Canada, but then my retirement plan was threatened by the market collapse in 2008,”Ray wrote in his recently published book, “Saving Retirement and Some Adventures.”

“I was one of the many who was looking at an uncertain future caused by the actions of governments, greed and the creation of financial instruments that, apparently, were not fully understood by some of their inventors, marketers.

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"Like most people I worked hard for many years. I didn’t think much about retirement until it crept up on me. I had some equity in my home and some investments.

"Then 2008 came along with a vengeance and upset my applecart. It didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to move to a friendlier economic climate to solve my problem. After a lot of research I settled on Ecuador.”

Ray’s research took him to our website, He wrote to me in the fall of 2008 and arranged to rent a condo from us, arriving around Christmas time. This was the beginning of a warm personal friendship that has continued to this day.

Ray was fun to assist for the simple fact that he was determined, methodical, and unlike some who decide to move to Ecuador, quite self-reliant. He asked for help when he needed it, but for the most part, he learned the ropes and adapted to the Ecuadorian culture rapidly.

When Ray told me a few months back that he was writing a book about his  Ecuador retirement experiences, I was delighted. And I am very happy to be able to present this book to our Pro-Ecuador readers.

To pull up stakes in your home country and move to a foreign country like Ecuador, with very little knowledge about the country and not speaking a word of the language is difficult at best. At worst, it can be a disaster.

Culture shock is a very real phenomena. The value of Ray’s book, “Saving Retirement,” is that each person who is contemplating an  Ecuador retirement can benefit from his experiences.

Ray successfully navigated the system and got his visa. We helped him purchase a lot in a beautiful rural area that is not populated by many gringos. His property is part of a historic hacienda with a monestary that dates back to the conquest.

He found an architect to design his house, contracted with a “maestro” to do the construction, then fired him because he didn’t like the direction he was going.

In the meantime, he found a delightful rental to live in while his house was being built.

Here is what readers are saying about Ray’s book:


With his completely candid voice and dry sense of humor, Ray Flett shares his ups and downs in Saving Retirement and Some Adventures, a candid accounting of his personal adventure of retiring in Ecuador. Ray speaks frankly about his trials and successes moving to South America, building a new home for his retirement and getting it done his way.

Ray is utterly honest and has loads of excellent advice and experience to share for those who are thinking of making a major life change. His perspective will be invaluable for anyone who is considering relocating to Ecuador.

"Saving Retirement and Some Adventures" is full of truths and laugh-out-loud moments that will appeal to readers of all ages.

WONDERFUL READ!--By Stuart H Ellison

With "SAVING RETIREMENT", Raymond Flett has given inspiration to all ready to retire. In the best of situations, moving to a foreign country is packed with unique uncertainties.

Ray takes the reader through a myriad of decisions, does it with class, and is able to elucidate his fortuitous adventure in simple prose. He does it alone, he does it without speaking the local language, and he is able to communicate to us, the readers in an easy style that has us cheering for success.

I enjoyed the final chapter where all comes together and I can visualize Ray sitting in his courtyard enjoying the tranquility of his much-deserved retirement.

Thank you for giving some of us old-timers hope that the future is more than TV reruns, magazines, and weekly visits from family members. Oh, and Mr. Flett, it's OK to go back to that occasional pre-dinner martini.

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"Saving Retirement and Some Adventures" 
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I enjoyed this book. A successful QC, Ray Flett brings the talent that calling brings to act as tour guide, illuminating a detailed account while lacing it with dry humor along the way. Ray was not going to let a little matter such as world financial meltdown rob him of his long anticipated retirement.

To leave the securities of your homeland and determine to settle in Ecuador without even the benefit of language requires rare courage and a true sense of adventure. This book will both inspire and inform those who might consider such a bold move and to whom I commend this book.


Inspiring story told in an honest and sincere style. Very compelling and interesting to read. I learned a great deal from someone foreign to this beautiful country. After reading this book, one would not be surprised to learn that many more people embarked on a similar journey and retired in gorgeous Ecuador.

Are you considering an Ecuador retirment? Or any Latin country for that matter? Ray’s escapades are required reading for anyone contemplating such a move.

Yes, it is possible to save your retirement. It is possible to leave your home country and venture to a new land and a new people. With a little savings and a social security check or another form of pension, it is possible to make an Ecuador retirement home.

But it is best to be prepared. And one of the best ways to prepare yourself is to read Ray’s book, “Saving Retirement and Some Adventures.” You can download this 303-page book in the next 10 minutes for only $9.99!

I am one of the first to say that Ecuador retirement is not for everyone. Many of the stories propagated by the popular internet promoters are not much more than myths designed to sell whatever it is they happen to be selling at the moment.

But Ray’s 303-page book for $9.99 tells it like it is. So click on the link below and start reading about what might be your next big adventure. Even if you decide not to move to Ecuador, Ray’s adventures are certain to give you some enjoyable reading moments.

Yes, I want Ray Flett's book
"Saving Retirement and Some Adventures" 
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