The Best Value and Lowest Cost Ecuador Real Estate Tour and Introductory  Course

Editor's note: Ecuador Real Estate Tours have been suspended while Gary and Linda are away on holiday in the U.S. until further notice -- May, 2013

Linda and I love Ecuador.  And we want to share with you what we have learned in five  years of living and selling real estate in Ecuador. In just three days, we will give you the best in an Ecuador Real Estate Tour coupled with sharing our extensive knowledge of Ecuador.

We came to Cotacachi, in November, 2006, and have been here ever since. Actually, we never dreamed we would be selling real estate. But we did start with a desire to help provide people with information about how to move to this country. Eventually, helping people buy property was a natural progression.

As official residents, Ecuador is now our home and we never tire of exploring this diverse country, writing about our adventures and inviting others to share in the magic we have found here.

So let us show you around. We’d like to invite you on a jaunt around Cotacachi and the surrounding area. Our Imbabura/Cotacachi Real Estate Tour and Introduction to Ecuador Course is the best-priced tour in the area - only $299 per person.

For 3 full days we’ll show you some of our most special places, look at choice real estate for sale and give you a great overview of the area. You’ll also learn a whole lot about living and investing in Ecuador from an insider’s perspective.

You may end up doing a little trading: trading your high cost of living for one of the lowest in the world, trading your stress for peace and tranquility, your freeway gridlock for leisurely mountain hikes, and harsh winters or sweltering summers for the land of eternal spring.

Visit Cotacachi, One of Ecuador’s Premier Expat Communities

Our three-day Cotacachi/Imbabura Ecuador Real Estate and Introduction  Tour focuses on the village of Cotacachi and the surrounding Imbabura province, one of the loveliest areas in all of Ecuador.  We know because it’s our home.

Nestled in a beautiful green valley, Cotacachi lies between two majestic volcanoes—Mama Cotacachi and Papa Imbabura.  With a year-long growing season, just about anything grows here--tall palms mix with pines, cactus and tropical flowers.  The weather is usually warm and bright when the sun is out, cool and breezy when clouds appear.

Once a little-known pueblo off the beaten path between Quito and Ibarra, one of the world’s largest indigenous markets, our little town of Cotacachi, Ecuador, is on the minds of many these days. For years an undiscovered treasure, Cotacachi has hit the international spotlight.

It’s attracting worldwide attention for its fine quality of life, great weather and leather products, fascinating culture, low cost of living and kind people.

For the last five years, International Living has named Ecuador the world’s #1 retirement destination in the world.

Its special editor, Dan Prescher, even purchased a beautiful penthouse condo in Cotacachi.

Why We are the Best Company to Help You

If you are contemplating a move to Ecuador, our Cotacachi/Imbabura Ecuador Real Estate Tour and Introduction to Ecuador Course is the perfect way to quickly gain the knowledge you need to make an informed and life-changing decision. We don’t just show you properties for sale, we educate you in the real estate buying process as well as many other areas of Ecuadorian life.

There’s a wealth of free information about Ecuador on our web site,, but just reading about Ecuador can’t replace the actual experience of being here. Come with us and we will make Ecuador real for you.  

Our Ecuador Real Estate Tour and Introduction to Ecuador Course is designed to help you assimilate even more practical information and on-the-ground insights you need before moving to Ecuador or purchasing property.  In order to make an informed decision about Ecuador, you need to know more than just real estate prices.

These are some of the topics we will cover during the Introduction to Ecuador Course:

  • Residency process—it constantly changes and we share the newest laws, the best visa for you, the costs and time involved.
  • Health care
  • Property rights and personal freedoms
  • Politics
  • Banking—opening an account, transferring money, getting a loan
  • Investment opportunities
  • Cars – cost to buy and operate, drivers’ license
  • Public transportation
  • Best places to live
  • How to buy Ecuador real estate
  • Cost of living
  • Best places in Ecuador for expats and retirees to live
  • Shipping personal belongings to Ecuador
  • Ecuador culture

Get your Questions Answered, Up Front and In Person

In addition to answering your personal questions, we will show you a wide variety of real estate for sale.

We represent nearly all of Cotacachi’s best real estate developments, with plenty of variety in price and location.  We will show you 2-bedroom houses for $54,500, customized adobe townhouses for $119,000 and single-family houses and town houses both in town and in the country.

Bare land, farms and lots are also available to those who want to design their own homes.  We also represent some very fine investment properties, including restaurants, haciendas, and working farms.

Among our current exclusive listings are hotels, farms, condos, and a variety of single family houses.

You deserve the very best.  One of Ecuador’s finest architects, Patricio Falconi, has designed a first-class development of single-family homes in Cotacachi.  Right in town near a river with stunning mountain views, the ambience is rural, while the amenities are up-to-the-minute modern and luxurious.

The attention to detail is astonishing.  The abundant use of granite, fine woods and hand-cut stone give an old-world artisanal flavor to the homes.

But the best feature of all is the price.  A 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home with fireplace, kitchen with granite countertops, fine custom cabinetry and built-in computer workstation begins at only $119,500!

Tierra Firme

Want a blend of North and South America? Tierra Firme combines a Texas homestead’s wide open spaces with Ecuadorian style and materials such as adobe and red-tiled roofs. Large ½ acre to 1 full acre lots offer plenty of room to grow a garden and enjoy outdoor living.

While all lots have now been sold, there are several re-sale lots available and custom homes are now being built. Enter the stone gate and drive up a winding cobblestone driveway past the alpacas and you’ll find yourself in a new world, one just waiting for your creative input.

You are free to choose the architect or builder you want to work with and design your own custom home. Pro-Ecuador will help you find a qualified and trusted builder. 

Is a Hacienda Your Dream Home?

We’ve sold several lately. Our latest listing is right in Cotacachi: a sprawling compound with an elegant home and several other buildings, built in the old Spanish style. The low-slung design fits the landscape completely, thanks to the thoughtful gardens laid out by the owner.

Over a hectare of land (2 ½ acres) planted with fruit trees and flowers.  Price available upon request.

We Help Take the Risk Out of Buying Property in Ecuador

With no MLS, no Board of Realtors and no disclosures required, real estate in Ecuador can be risky for the uninformed. It can definitely be, “let the buyer beware,” unless you have qualified help.

There are few agency ‘for sale” signs. Often just a hand-printed sign in the window or “se vende” (for sale) with a phone number scrawled on a wall. Rural roads are not marked or named.  Rather than drive aimlessly around, lost, come on our tour and let us take care of the research, transportation and details for you. Unless you know the market like we do, after five years of selling real estate, a gringo knocking on the door is sure to increase the price by as much as 30%.

And rather than waste hours tracking down property that sounds great on the phone, provided you speak Spanish, then find out the property was misrepresented or wildly exaggerated, save time by letting us do all the leg work.

Net listings are common, with local agents adding anything from a reasonable commission to up to 3 times the price!  If you don’t know property values, you could find yourself at the mercy of sellers out to catch a big North American fish.

We have sold more than 100 properties, from condos to haciendas, and have many satisfied customers. We know the market and have a strong interest in keeping prices low and sellers honest. The house above is one of the first houses we sold in Cotacachi.

Don't  Postpone Your Dream. Come With Us and See If Ecuador is Really What You Want

So why wait? If you are serious about owning property in Ecuador, why not save plenty of time and money and make the decision sooner. The valley of Cotacachi and the surrounding Imbabura province has everything you could possibly want for a fine new life. 

When the tour is over, you’ll be better equipped to decide if this small jewel of a country is the right destination for you.  The only thing left to do will be to make the move! 

Read what one of our tour participants had to say:

“My husband and I had been researching Ecuador for over a year as a possible place for retirement. . . we chose because it provided us with the most information about Ecuador and it really appealed to us. . . It was a very well-organized and coordinated real estate tour. . .  wonderful accommodations, consumed incredibly fresh and delicious Ecuadorian cuisine, and saw some amazing places . . .

It was beyond our expectations. . . The beauty of the land and the people are hard to explain unless you go and experience it for yourself. Pro-Ecuador enhanced our experience and we highly recommend that if you have never journeyed to Ecuador, or even if you have, Pro-Ecuador will provide you with, we believe, the best overall view of Ecuador and Ecuadorian real estate.

Gary, Linda and Dale are very genuine, warm, caring, fun individuals who will provide you with answers to all your questions, and if they don't know an answer, they will find it out for you.”

Customize Your Tour

You tailor the cost and variety of your tour by choosing your own hotel or hostel.  We will recommend restaurants or you are free to find your own. We suggest you arrive in Quito on Wednesday night, and we will pick you up Thursday morning in Quito. Our first stop is at the wonderful Pakakuna Gardens near the new Quito Airport.

Sample simple Ecuadorian meals, gringo home cookin’, even gourmet food.  Enjoy local fare for $2.50 a meal or a feast fit for a king at La Mirage’s 5-star fixed price $35 dinner.

Ready to Join us? Contact us for more details and to register

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Cotacachi hotels range from clean, basic hostels under $15 per night per person to La Mirage Resort and Spa for $350-750 per night. An average hotel room is $25-$55 per night for two. For those wishing to cook, a local hostal, La Cuadra, has a community kitchen.

**Please note that our tour price does not include hotels, meals, or drinks. We will pick you up from a central location in Quito on the first day of the tour. Return transportation to Quito is not included. Transportation during the 3 days of the tour is included.

Our Tours are Tailor-Made to Fit Participants' Desires

All of the staff of Eagle and Condor live in Ecuador full-time.  We know the area, the properties and the ins and outs of the real estate business in Ecuador.

Our tour guides are real estate agents who speak English and fluent Spanish. We’re here to assist those who want to purchase property for either a home or investment, learn more about Ecuador and find out what is available.

On our real estate tours, everyone will see properties of interest to them, whether it’s raw land, a house or hacienda with acreage, an apartment, townhouse or condo in a gated community, investment property, or a lot to build on.

If you have a special interest or need, let us know well in advance.  We will do our best to find what you want. 

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