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Pakakuna Gardens

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Ecuador Real Estate: Pakakuna Gardens Homes and Villas

Ecuador Real Estate: When completed the homes, gardens and public buildings of Pakakuna Gardens will encompass about 40 acres or 16 hectares of the total 36 hectares in the project. Designed with care by Patricio Falconi, these residences exude an elegant rusticity organic in nature.

There are many floor plans to choose from, each built from materials selected for their durability, design, beauty and best use.

floor plan


The country villas are clustered in small groupings throughout the center of the project, interspersed with ponds, green spaces, gardens, trees and walking paths. It's amazing to me how private each one is, despite its cozy proximity to neighboring homes.

When you need a neighbor, he's close by. But otherwise, I feel as if I'm in a green world of my own, ensconced in a leafy glade that reduces noise and gives a sense of seclusion.

Each of the 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom villas comes in different sizes, as you can see below. The sizes include terraces.

The development will have many amenities including a gym, two swimming pools, a clinic, two restaurants, golf cart transportation inside the development, a mini-mart, a large meeting/family get-together covered terrace, and much more.

1-Bedroom Villas

Villa A 90,60 m2 / 975.24 ft2
Villa B 86,70 m2 / 933.26 ft2
Villa C 88,10 m2 / 943.33 ft2
Villa D 85,60 m2 / 921.42 ft2

2-Bedroom Villas

Villa A 119,70 m2 / 1288.48 ft2
Villa B 123,30 m2 / 1327.23 ft2
Villa C1 132,50 m2 / 1426.26 ft2
Villa C2 118,30 m2 / 1273.41 ft2
Villa D 124,50 m2 / 1340.15 ft2
Villa E 142,70 m2 / 1536.06 ft2
Villa F 125,30 m2 / 1348.76 ft2
Villa G 117,40 m2 / 1263.72 ft2
Villa H 155,00 m2 / 1668.46 ft2

2 and 3-Bedroom 2-Story Villas

Villa A 169,50 m2 / 1824.54 ft2
Villa B 177,40 m2 / 1909.58 ft2
Villa C 163,50 m2 / 1759.96 ft2
Villa D 174,80 m2 / 1881.59 ft2

Floor plan

Above is a 1-bedroom, 1-story Villa A floor plan—90.60 m2 or 975.24 ft2

Floor plan

This is a 2-bedroom, 1-story Villa A floor plan—119.70 m2 or 1288.48 ft2

Floor plan

click on the picture above to enlarge

2-bedroom, 2-story Villa A floor plan—169.50 m2 or 1824.54 ft2

Prices start from $1,500/m2 ($140/sq.ft) including lot.

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The houses in Pakakuna Gardens are larger in size than the villas, forming a ring around the exterior of the property with the villas in the middle.

The houses come in ten different sizes, ranging from about 320 m2 to 380 m2, which includes the terraces. Lots are about 900 m2 each.

House A 351,60 m2 / 3784.71 ft2
House A1 344,50 m2 / 3708.29 ft2
House B 354,80 m2 / 3819.16 ft2
House C 351,40 m2 / 3782.56 ft2
House D 323,20 m2 / 3479.01 ft2
House E 386,20 m2 / 4157.16 ft2
House F 351,60 m2 / 3784.71 ft2
House G 361,90 m2 / 3895.59 ft2
House H 338,40 m2 / 3642.63 ft2
House I 380,50 m2 / 4095.80 ft2

Floor plan

click on the picture above to enlarge

With so many different choices in villa and house plans and sizes, and a variety of finishing materials to pick from, each residence will have a customized look. This impeccibly-constructed Ecuador real estate is sure to please even the most discriminating owner.

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