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The Children of Ecuador

In response to your Ecuador photo search, the following photographs are images of the children of Ecuador.  Nothing is more telling about the nature of a country than the faces and actions of the country's children captured through photos.  We have found the beautiful and friendly faces of the children of Ecuador to be amazingly guileless and revealing. 

It is clearly evident that the children of Ecuador are loved.  At least once a month here in Cotacachi there is a parade featuring children or a festive celebration in the main park or town square where local children display their talents.  Most often they dance traditional dances as a powerful way to preserve the Ecuador culture.  

The Cotacachi community has frequent dance performances in the local theater.  The beautiful young girl above was very excited about the opportunity to show her skill on the stage in front of admiring parents and family. 

Feast Fit for a King, and the Price is Perfect

While visiting the Ecuador beach town of Atacames and enjoying a wonderful meal of fresh seafood, the couple at the table next to us left without eating much of the huge portions of food on their plates. Within a few minutes, a boy walked in from the street, looked around, and promptly sat down to a feast fit for a king.  It's obvious from the look on his face that he is in gourmet heaven!  The interesting thing is that the restaurant staff didn’t try to run him off.   They just allowed him to eat to his heart’s content.  

On another trip to Atacames, we visited a tract of 250 acres of remote forest that a client has for sale for $70,000.   The road was rutted and muddy and ended at a stream, so we had to walk the last 1/3 of a mile, following the stream.  

We came across this boy and his grandmother catching crawfish and shrimp.  He was shy and surprised to see us there, way out in the jungle, but also delighted to see two gringos in his private playground. 

A bit puzzled at a gringo poking a camera in their faces, you should have seen their looks a few minutes later when I showed them their pictures on my digital camera.  Showing your pictures to children is a sure way to gain lots of quick friends. Your Ecuador Photo Search Part I is not over--continue to Children of Ecuador Part II.

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