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Children of Ecuador Part II

Everyone loves a parade and the Ecuadorians are no different.  These Ecuador images illustrate the fact that Ecuadorians take every opportunity possible to have a parade.  The children especially love to get dressed up in costumes or uniforms and parade through the streets of Cotacachi, usually right past our apartment on Bolivar.

Of course, this leads to incredible photo opportunities. 

I am not so sure that the child looking at the camera is as excited about the parade as his parents are!

While the photos above and below appear to be the same child and the same puppy, they are not.  The child below was slightly apprehensive because there were 14 of us in the group that invaded her domain.  She wasn’t so sure she wanted her dog to see us!!! 

The high school fund-raiser is common in many parts of the world.  While we were eating lunch this group of teenage girls approached us to ask for a donation.  They were quite enthralled with Jason’s blond hair and good looks.  

Take advantage of the wonderful photo opportunities that Ecuador offers.  Come to this picturesque country and conduct your own Ecuador photo search.   When you do, send us your best photos and we will publish them here. 

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