Ecuador Exports

Ecuador Exports are an essential component of national wealth.  Ecuador produces many products in addition to oil, bananas and flowers.  

Primary Exports

  • Petroleum
  • Tourism
  • Fishing products (tunas, lobsters, shrimps, etc)
  • Milk products (milk, eggs to incubate, powder milk) 
  • Flowers (roses, natural flowers, others)
  • Agricultural, fruits and vegetables 
  • Onions, cauliflowers, broccoli, cucumbers, asparagus, yucca
  • Banana, macho bananas, pineapples, mangos, lemons, melons, watermelon
  • Coffee, black tea, ginger, corn, rice

Industrialized Products

  • Corn flour
  • Crude palm oil
  • Palm kernel fruit oil
  • Fishing products in cans 
  • Candy, sugar, cacao products 
  • Chemical products, plastics and rubbers 
  • Wood products 
  • Paper and paper derivatives 
  • Pottery and marble products 
  • Glass products (bottles, flask, pitchers)
  • Gold products
  • Metal products
  • Furniture, toys products (tapestries, metal furniture, wood furniture)

In addition to these items, Ecuador has many products for you to export in your suitcase.  Indigenous markets all over Ecuador have unique handicrafts and hand-made clothing that can be sold in the North America or Europe for a considerable profit.

Whether you desire to make your millions with an import/export business or you simply would like to pay for your travels, Ecuador offers a wide variety of products at great prices.

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