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Our collection of Ecuador e-books is growing.  Pro-Ecuador strives to bring you e-books that will educate, enrich and enliven your experience of Ecuador.  We look for e-books that are unique, entertaining, informative and that offer something of value to our readers.

If you have an e-book about Ecuador that you’d like to share, let us know.

We begin our list of suggested reading with two titles and a free report.  More to follow.

Saving Retirement and Other Adventures

Like many people, retired Canadian attorney Ray Flett thought his retirement was secure.  Then the market collapsed in 2008 and along with it, a good portion of his retirement savings disappeared.  

Following is an excerpt from Ray’s book, “Saving Retirement And Other Adventures:"

“I was one of the many who was looking at an uncertain future caused by the actions of governments, greed and the creation of financial instruments that, apparently, were not fully understood by some of their inventors, marketers or, worst of all, the rating agencies and regulators, but understood all too well by others. . .  

“This is my story about what motivated me to make the move and my experiences in getting to know my way around and having a house occurred to me that there were many people who were facing the same bleak future that I was facing when I decided to improve my situation. If you are feeling pressures similar to mine my story may help you find a solution to your retirement woes.”  

Reviewers have called, “Saving Retirement And Other Adventures,” “utterly honest,” “compelling and informative,” and “invaluable for anyone who is considering relocating to Ecuador.”

Click here for a more detailed review of Ray Flett’s 303-page Ecuador e-book, “Saving Retirement And Other Adventures.”

Moving to Ecuador: 20 Important Questions Answered

“Moving to Ecuador: 20 Important Questions Answered,” brings our readers an invaluable guide to the subtleties needed to live comfortably, safely and wisely in Ecuador.

While most blogs and websites tout Ecuador’s beauty, diversity, culture and low cost of living, this e-book offers a more balanced perspective, highlighting both the positives and the negatives a newcomer will encounter before and after moving to Ecuador.

It reveals information about hard-to-find subjects such as medical treatment, mental insurance, the real cost of living, how to set up your own business in Ecuador, opening a bank account and paying taxes.  If you want a no-nonsense, honest, feet-on-the-ground look at what’s important to know about moving to Ecuador, this e-book is for you. 

You’ll discover what not to bring to Ecuador, how to safeguard your pet’s health when taking it to Ecuador and what costly mistakes to avoid when purchasing property or selecting an attorney.  This and much more in our 100-page comprehensive e-book about Ecuador.

For greater detail about subjects covered in "Moving to Ecuador: 20 Questions Answered," click here.

Moving to Ecuador:  7  Important Questions Answered

If you have unresolved questions regarding a move to Ecuador, you’re in luck.  Pro-Ecuador has compiled a FREE report just for you.  “Moving to Ecuador: 7 Important Questions Answered,” covers such subjects as travel tips and precautions, vaccinations, visas, finding work in Ecuador and dealing with a foreign culture.

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