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Ecuador Culture: New Year's Day Parade in Atuntaqui Continues to Be a Drag!

Gary and I returned to Atuntaqui, Ecuador, in 2007 to partake of the New Year's Day Parade festivities once again. The year before we'd gone and very much enjoyed watching the males of Atuntaqui frolic in the streets.

They are quite practiced at mincing, flirting, posing and posturing as alluring young women. Last year we'd been amazed at just how beautiful some of them looked.

You'd swear they were girls. I'd say anyone dating a female from Atuntaqui had better make sure of their date's gender to avoid embarrassing misunderstandings!

The 2007 New Year's Day Parade was just as much rollicking good entertainment as the previous year.

Atuntaqui float

Atuntaqui float

The huge figure with big lips was back this year on a float with an indigenous figure in striped poncho. The second picture above shows what the indigenous figure thinks of the man with the big lips. I have no idea what the historical, political or otherwise ramifications of this situation are. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.


There were more voluptuous "women", leaving nothing to our imagination as they bared their plastic breasts in public. Brazen tarts!

Colonial costumes

A contingent of uniformed colonials in white periwigs and large tricorn hats conferred. Later they performed a mock battle with locals.

Eecution of colonial soldier

Then a colonial soldier was beheaded. The hooded executioner held the bloody head up high.

Men dressed up as indigenous women

Next a band of hairy "broads" in indigenous women's costumes entertained the crowd.


More hairy women, this time posing as cheerleaders.

A REAL girl!!

Here's an honest-to-goodness real girl.

Belly dancer in Basket

And finally, a belly dancer ascends from her basket, charmed by a turbaned flautist.

Much of the time life is pretty staid in this part of Ecuador. I find the people of the mountains more serious than their coastal relatives. The New Year's Day Parade in Atuntaqui is another story.

The whole town gets down and dirty for one day of raunchy revelry. It's a novel way to start off the New Year.

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