Darwin Finch

Galapagos Island Photos Part III

Photo Credit: Paul Yarnall

The Darwin finch, obviously named after Charles Darwin, was an important element of his studies about evolution.

Blue-footed boobies are probably the second most well-known inhabitant of the Galapagos Islands, second to the Galapagos tortoise. Since they are not afraid of humans you can get really close to take beautiful pictures.

This Galapagos pelican is busy watching the tourists pass by from his perch at the waters edge.

These pictures were all taken from either a tour boat or along a normal walking trail.  You can take pictures of Ecuador like these in person by participating in a photo tour in the Galapagos.

This is the kind of tour boat that you can arrange from Quito or directly from the Galapagos Islands at a very low cost.  

Once you are living in Ecuador you will be able to fully explore the Galapagos Islands, and at a very reasonable price! 

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