How a Couple of Monks Created 
A Website Business in Ecuador

Is it truly possible that two monks created a website business in Ecuador from scratch and also built a whole new life there?  Yes, it's true and we are those two monks. We did it with the help of friends at SBI and is the proof.

For ten years we wandered around the world teaching meditation, mostly living out of our suitcases. We traveled throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and taught in more than twenty countries, including Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico. Finally it was time to settle down and Ecuador was our country of choice.


Falling in love with Ecuador was easy.  It happened practically the moment we got off the bus in Vilcabamba in 2002, the valley of longevity.  We vowed to return to Ecuador someday soon, to manifest a home and community, to rest our weary bones and watch the sun set over the Sleeping Giant, a picturesque mountain in the center of the valley.  

We'd find a place to literally dig in, to feed our bodies and souls with veggie and flower gardens and create a website business in Ecuador to support our new dream.  But how to do that?

We knew no one in Ecuador, had no job prospects, hadn't even rented a place to live.  But we didn't worry too much about it.  

Having spent a decade with little money and most everything we owned packed in a couple of suitcases, we'd learned to put a lot of trust in Divine Provenance.  Surrendering to the Universe, letting it flow, being in the moment.  It really works.

We'd grown used to letting life unfold easily and effortlessly.  Our basic needs were provided for and life had a seamless quality to it.  We would end up with enough money to get to our next destination or meditation class.  

That's all well and good when you are young, maybe even into your 40's or 50's if you love to travel.  But we were both 60 and ready to create more stability in our physical world.  We were ready to find that one little piece of earth we could call our own.

I especially was ready for a house and a garden.  Gary and I both wanted to ground our spiritual lives into the physical world on a piece of land, into a business and a community.

I'd dabbled around with wanting to earn money online years before Gary decided to join me in this endeavor.  I had ordered a  course on ClickBank but had a hard time understanding all the unfamiliar terms.  

There were lots of online courses that taught one how to make millions in three days with little or no work. Something inside warned me away from these unrealistic schemes.

Gary and I had a completely different response when we heard about a website-building program called Solo Build It or SBI.  We immediately decided to get on board--no hesitation. SBI's approach sounded right, sincere, practical and no-nonsense.

Best of all, there was no pitch to get rich overnight.  In fact, we were cautioned to put off attempting to make money until we'd worked our way through most of the ten-day course.

It didn't take long to find our niche.  Ecuador was being promoted heavily by several websites that raved about the country's low cost of living, its biodiversity, gentle people and gorgeous landscapes.  They gave the impression that one could live in Ecuador for practically nothing and never have any difficulties.

In a way this was no different from those pie-in-the-sky internet schemes I'd been checking out.  People often came to Ecuador to establish a new life based on a false picture of reality.

We felt that sharing our personal experiences about life in Ecuador would be more realistic and would assist others in making a more informed decision about moving to Ecuador.

We got to work on and began getting results.   In a year or so we had thousands of readers and our rankings on Alexis rose steadily.  We were in the flow again.

We wrote about and promoted Ecuador.  I had a great time interviewing expats and locals, writing both inspiring stories and cautionary tales.

Before long people were asking us to do all kinds of things, physical things, as a direct result of the great content we were offering on

We threw ourselves into being helpful.  Newcomers needed assistance with decorating their apartments and condos.  Buying furniture and appliances is pretty hard to do if you don't speak Spanish or understand the culture.  

Gary spoke good Spanish and we quickly figured out how to bargain with Ecuadorians, how to get furniture delivered on time and how to make sure our clients received what they had ordered.  Not easy in a country where manana rules the day.

Then we were asked to help rent those properties, so we became property managers and rental agents.  We wrote rental ads, took deposits, showed property, dealt with problems, ended up being counselors, consultants, translators,  go-betweens and psychologists. 

When a local indigenous builder asked us to sell his new condos, we became real estate agents.  We conducted tours, consulted, traveled.  We were very, very busy and we got very, very tired of all the running around.

We had kind of forgotten about monetizing our website business according to Day 8 of Solo Build It's Action Guide.  In fact, passive monetization on our SBI site took a back seat for several years while we worked hard physically to help those moving to Ecuador. 

Every now and then we'd think about monetizing, but we continued to let the passive income part of our site languish.

Then one day we woke up to how tired we were physically. Life had gotten way out of balance.  We had little time for meditation, yoga, entertaining or traveling.  

Finally the light bulb came on! We hired a webmaster and started monetizing our website business with Adsense.  I wrote an e-book.

Before we knew it, we, too, were in the top .5% of all U. S. websitewithout really realizing it.  It just happened, exactly the way SBI said it would if you just follow their simple steps to success.

Our SBI site provides us with supplementary income.  It enables us to live life on our terms and to come and go as we please, despite economic downturns.

Now we have a new goal with SBI.  We want to encourage others who want more freedom in their lives to venture forth into the wonderful world of Solo Build It by creating their own business website. 

For anyone wanting to make a living doing business in Ecuador or anywhere, SBI is the answer. Gain financial freedom, peace of mind, and live the good life in Ecuador on your own terms. 

Click here for more info and SBI's 90-day guarantee.

We continually receive inquiries from North Americans who want to move to Ecuador but have no idea how to make a living here.  They either have to settle for third world wages or be extremely entrepreneurial by creating a unique income niche for themselves.

SBI can solve the dilemma of how to make a living in Ecuador for those who are willing to work through the Action Guide step by step.  After all, if a couple of monks created a website business, so can you!

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