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Cotacachi Real Estate: El Encanto, Designed by Architect Patricio Falconi

Cotacachi real estate has taken a step up in quality and workmanship. Patricio Falconi, one of Ecuador’s most outstanding and well-known architects, has designed El Encanto, a development of single-family houses being built in Cotacachi. Known for his impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship, Falconi’s style and creative innovation is evident throughout the houses in El Encanto.

The owners of El Encanto, which is being built in the northern part of Cotacachi, wanted a first-class residential environment that would complement their large family home and estate next door. Their wishes are being carried out in minute detail.


Encompassing almost ten hectares, or more than twenty five acres of land, El Encanto contains single-family houses. Phase I is under construction with several houses already completed. This phase will have 23 houses designed and constructed by Falconi. There will be almost 2 acres of green space distributed within this section alone.

In the center of the development there will be a 2.5 acre park with a pond. The owners stately house on an adjacent property is to be turned into a clubhouse/restaurant complete with indoor pool and sauna. A stable is also available.

This development of prime Cotacachi real estate emphasizes natural materials and gracious living.


Falconi has perfected his rustic style in El Encanto, using top-quality materials—fine local woods, river stone, granite, brick and stone.


Finely-wrought beams of Colorado wood bear his distinctive style as do the precisely matching stone bases his columns rest upon.

Arched door

Tangeray and Sieke are the woods used for closets, doors and windows. The result is elegant simplicity, Falconi’s hallmark. He seeks to combine the best elements of Spanish colonial architecture with mestizo features. All of the windows, doors and cabinetry are produced in the develpers own cabinetry shop which he has operated for years. The quality is simply outstanding. It is a quality that is almost impossible to get in North American any more.

Interior and exterior walls are plastered to give the appearance of an old hacienda. Interiors have curved doorways, lighted niches, brick fireplaces, granite countertops, laundry rooms and storage.

El Encanto is within the city limits of Cotacachi, hidden from view down a long drive lined with mature hibiscus trees. There’s a hint of the quality construction in the fine stone entry gate that welcomes the visitor into the development.

Another gate next to the guardhouse at the end of the drive gains the visitor access to the property. Immediately one steps from the urban environment of Cotacachi into a rural setting. The eye is drawn to the splendor of Imbabura volcano in the distance and the large expanse of green that soothes the eye and calms the senses.

Landscaped green spaces are already in place. A large garden area with pond and walking paths are in the works. Everywhere there is abundant evidence of nature’s bounty—flowering plants spilling from planter boxes, delicate eucalyptus trees swaying in the wind, living bamboo privacy screens.

Houses range in size from 120 to 182 square meters (1,291 to 1,958 sq. ft) Prices for houses with lots range from $125k to $168k. The quality of construction and attention to detail makes this Cotacachi real estate development a favorite choice for newcomers. In fact, houses are guaranteed for ten years. These are some of the best constructed houses in Ecuador.

Arcchitect Falconi and developer Milton Proano
-Architect Falconi and Milton Proano, developer-

Every effort is being made by the owners and developer to insure that the new homeowners have a lifestyle that is safe, peaceful and beautiful. The houses are earthquake-resistant and built to last, with solid foundations, copper water pipes, and heavy-duty impermeable moisture barriers on the roofs and between the foundation and the house.


One of Falconi's houses

The picture above is from Falconi’s website— and from this book— Espacios Acogedores: La Obra de Patricio Flaconi, which describes Falconi’s work as, “Nostalgia y memoria... una arquitectura con identidad.” In English, this translates as, “Nostalgia and memory. . . an architecture with identity.” To arrange a showing of this property, click here.


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