Arasha Resort and Spa Flowers

I spent hours wandering around Arasha Resort and Spa taking in all the beautiful flowers that grow everywhere. If you pay careful attention, you will find flowers no one else notices. I discovered a tiny white orchid, so small I barely recognized it, growing on the stem of another flowering plant.

The resort’s website says there are more than 35,000 kinds of plants in the area. I recognized lots of them because they also grow in Hawaii, such as ginger and heliconia. Heliconia has very showy and unusual bracts, usually red and yellow, that can hang down or rise up from the stem. The flowers are small and hidden inside the bracts.

Also these exotic waxy flowers that grow in spiky clumps.

Angel's Trumpet or Brugmansia, is an important plant in South America, used in healing and in religious or shamanic rituals. A drug is usually made from the seeds which are crushed and stirred into chicha, or home-made corn beer.

This white Angel's Trumpet flower had an insect inside it and has an intoxicating aroma but only at night. While beautiful, this plant can cause paralysis and death if eaten. I've been fascinated by this flower, which grows throughout South and Central America, ever since my daughter decided to taste a flower and was barely able to move for three hours!

Here are more pictures of the flowers that grow at Arasha Resort and Spa:

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