Living in Ecuador:
The Story of

by Gary Phillips

Living in Ecuador since 2006 has confirmed for me that life is definitely an ongoing series of surprises.  Life constantly brings the most incredible gifts. Regardless of whether these surprises result in happiness or sadness, they always have the potential to lead me in wonderful new directions if I hold a clear intention of what I want to create.

This website is about inspiring you to make the leap into a new life in Ecuador, to discover first-hand that you can live your dreams. Our website,, is here to help.

My wife Linda and I have one overriding goal:  to lead you to experience one of those aha! moments with regard to living in Ecuador, the kind of sudden realization that can change your life forever. 

This type of experience occurred for me when I got my first professional job after completing college in the early '70s.  A chance encounter with an old friend on the streets of my rural Minnesota hometown resulted in his offering me a job.

Just Say "Yes!"

After his two-minute job description, I immediately said, “Yes!” That brief, perfectly-timed encounter shaped my life for the next ten years.  Saying 'yes' came in a rush from somewhere deep inside me and I seized the moment!

This same phenomenon happens often for me in Ecuador. We came to Cotacachi to attend some business courses and met two people at the course, Jason Murphy and Martha Perez.  

Everything Came Together

 Martha spoke perfect English and helped us get our Ecuadorian resident visas.

She gave us great assistance, finding an attorney, chauffeuring us around Quito and translating our documents.  Very quickly, not only did we have our Ecuador resident visas, we were also in business with both  Martha and Jason.  After a year or so, both Martha and Jason moved on to different things.  

Pro-Ecuador continued to grow, expanding into interior design, rentals, tours and then into real estate and development.  We formed an Ecuadorian company called Eagle and Condor Internacional Cia. Ltd. 

Another Perfect Alignment

In the summer of 2008, Linda and I purchased two parcels of land just outside Cotacachi with two other couples.  Once again, great partners came along who expressed their interest in living in Ecuador and in working together.  

Both couples showed up in our lives within two weeks of each other.  We didn't hesitate to say 'yes' to a partnership with them.

One of the couples changed their minds a year into our project and decided not to move to Ecuador. The remaining couple and Linda and I each took a parcel of the land we'd bought together and continued our dreams separately, yet still linked to the vision we'd first developed together--to create a green, self-sustainable, ecological community.  

How we acquired the land and met our partners is another story, but it included many synchronicities and magical moments.  This was especially evident during a nine-day brainstorming charrette we did with architects and permaculture experts which laid the foundation for our green development.  

One of the Secrets of Success

I’m sharing our process with you to demonstrate one of the secrets not only of successful business but of successful living. With a clear intention set forth, all you really have to do is prepare the foundation, watch the signs, keep the faith, and then take action when that 'aha' arrives.

Our purpose is to communicate with you, our reader, in a personal way that will help you collect the information you need to make that leap of faith to come to Ecuador.  Endless possibilities await your exploration.

Pro-Ecuador exists to help make your experience of moving to Ecuador or living in Ecuador enjoyable and fulfilling--whether it's for retirement, investment, a short visit or for the rest of your life!

If you'd like to know more about Linda and me, you can read our bios.

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