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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: A View From the Roof Looks at Declaracion Patrimonial
June 16, 2009


Dear Pro-Ecuador Reader,

A View from the Roof:  The Declaracion Patrimonial financial reporting article in our last newsletter caused quite a stir.  Some important new developments in this controversial law may challenge your perceptions.  Click here. 

Read Linda's second installment of our trip with Ruy Quevedo--from Guayaquil to Ayampe.  Some "muddy" pictures that will have you smiling.

Speaking of Ayampe, a milestone was passed last Friday when the Puerto Lopez Municipal Government gave approval to our Eco-Ecuador-Living beach subdivision plan.  Issuing deeds and construction of infrastructure will begin shortly.  The free houses are gone, but two lucky people can have another sweetheart marketing deal if you act quickly. Click here.  

Finally,  The Ecuador immigration services is up to their old tricks.  Another change in the Visa Law.  If you are planning a trip to Ecuador, don't miss this hot update from David Beyer.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Considering Moving to Ecuador?  Then consider's Introduction to Ecuador
Course and Real Estate tour July 30.  Click here for pricing and Itinerary.

Thanks for reading.

Gary and Linda


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