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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Check out this incredible Hidden Place
April 18, 2009
Dear Pro-Ecuador Reader,

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter April 18th

Ecuador's Hidden Place:  El Crater Hotel and Pululahua Crater is Stunning!

This newsletter’s Hidden Place in Ecuador features a fine hotel and restaurant perched high above Pululahua, Ecuador’s only inhabited volcano. Designed by a discerning artist with an impeccable eye for detail and a flair for the dramatic.  In a nutshell,  this place is stunning!

Do you Love Art?  Do you Love Ecuador?  
Plumb Love's Depths on our July 11th Art Tour

Let Pro-Ecuador be your muse as you explore the art forms of Ecuador
on our 9-day Intro to Ecuador Art Tour for Artists, Designers and Lovers of Art. Meet both local and expat artists who have made the low-stress lifestyle and highly inspirational diversity of Ecuador their new reality.  

Visit Quito, Cuenca, Vilcabamba, Cotacachi and Otavalo.
 We will also share our knowledge about living in Ecuador and will show attendees some real estate options.  Click here to read all about this exciting new tour.  

Finally, A Good Solution for Residency Visas and Shipping Assistance

Ship your family heirlooms and treasured momentos to Ecuador with confidence and ease.  How to ship personal belongings and how to get an Ecuador residency visa are two of the biggest questions people have when moving to Ecuador.  

Up until a few months ago, we didn't have a good solution.  Now we do.  Let David Beyer's legal services company in Quito answer all your questions about this challenging endeavor.

  Click here to read about David's shipping services.  Read David's story and contact him about residency visas.  Click here to read about types of  residency visas available.

July 30th Introduction to Ecuador Course

 And Real Estate Tour

Another Introduction to Ecuador and Real Estate Tour is in the offering for July 30th. These tours just keep getting better and better. If you are even thinking about moving to Ecuador, this is the tour for you.  

Excellent hotels, fine restaurants, exciting entertainment, and great information for a very low all-inclusive price.   Click here to read the details.

Update on Eco-Ecuador-Living's Free House 

Promotion for Ayampe Beach Project 

In our last newsletter we offered 10 Ayampe beach lots, each with a FREE house. The purpose of this unprescedented offer was to raise capital for the 30-acre beach resort project.  We sold out in about 4 weeks! readers purchased 7 of the 10 lots.   In addition, money was raised to start the hotel.  It was a huge success.  Thank you!   

John and Ruy have been working diligently with Morgan and Morgan Trust Company to set up the trust that will manage the funds collected, and with the city of Puerto Viejo to secure lot division authorization so that deeds can be issued. 

We expect both of these events to happen within the next few days.  Then construction will begin.  Watch this space for details about this unique Eco-Living development with 34 houses, 120 condo units, and a resort hotel.  If you can’t wait, then click here.

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