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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Cotacachi expats face challenging issues
November 27, 2009

Pro-Ecuador november 27 newsletter

Dear Pro-Ecuador Reader,

Welcome to Pro-Ecuador's November newsletter. We recently hired a webmaster, Stan de Wijs, to help us with our website and newsletter. As a result, you will be seeing our newsletter more frequently. This month we explore the emerging relationship between Cotacachi expats and the local community. Read on....

Cotacachi's first major meeting between expats and the new mayor spotlighted escalating real estate prices and the possibility of a tax increase. Dinner and discussion at La Tola restaurant last Friday night opened the door to better communication and finding ways to handle the influx of foreigners into the Cotacachi area

A View from the Roof: On this North American holiday, Gary explores giving from an eagle and condor perspective. Our desire to be of help and service in Ecuador can backfire if we don't understand local practices and customs. Resentments and misunderstandings can result. Meetings with local villages, interfacing between expats and locals, and being asked to create new jobs and products for indigenous has led me to ponder the differences in how we give-north vs south. Be sure to read this important story.

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