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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Organic food Deliveries, New High School Scholarship video
March 28, 2010

Pro-Ecuador March 28 2010 newsletter

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter
March 28, 2010


A View From the Roof:  Certified Organic. Great produce practically delivered to your door.  You don’t have to wonder any longer if the fruits and veggies you buy in the markets of Cotacachi are really organic or not.  Just add your name to the list and fill out your weekly order.  Even milk, cheese and grass fed beef is available.

Also, check out our new Cotacachi High School Scholarship promotional video. For only $200 you can provide one year of high school for an indigenous sixth grader. Only 30% of them get to high school. This program is designed to help change that. Check it out.

Reserva Los Cedros: Cloud Forest Reserve in Cotacachi part 3
Finally. . . rare and delicate tiny orchids from our trip to Los Cedros, plus photos of unusual flowers and fruit.

Cotacachi Real Estate: Colonial Style Home in Otavalo.Surrounded by beautiful views of the gorgeous Ecuadorian mountains, this is truly a precious gem and a great buy.

This house has eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a two car garage. The four bedrooms on the second floor all have balconies. The third floor has a laundry room, a garden room and a large balcony with breathtaking views.

The home is centrally located for great bus and taxi service, plus close to stores and downtown markets. It would make a wonderful B &B. Priced at only $95,000.00 it’s a great value.

Cotacachi Vacation Rentals and Long-Term Rentals, offered by We’ve added 2 new single-family houses to our rentals. We have fully-furnished condos and houses available for both short- and long-term rentals. Some units have direct tv; some have internet and cell phones.

Jenny Mackie will arrange a rental for you. Click here for a contact form to receive more information.

Faces of Ecuador: More sweet little girls adorn our Faces section.

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