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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: International Living Publisher Comments on Expat Over-Generosity
March 12, 2010

Pro-Ecuador March 12 2010 newsletter

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter
March 12, 2010


View from the Roof: International Living Publisher Comments on Expat Over-Generosity. Our recent column about the negative repercussions of expats overpaying for services generated a large number of comments, but my favorite was written by Cotacachi resident Dan Prescher, publisher of IL. Read his remarks.

Reserva Los Cedros: Cloud Forest Reserve in Cotacachi part 2
Mud and mules are featured in this article about our further adventures in the Intag. We forged raging rivers, inched our way over narrow ravines and climbed barely-accessible peaks.

Cotacachi Real Estate: Priced to sell quickly! This one-of-a-kind two-acre mini-estate has been greatly reduced. Two-bedroom architecturally-designed home with granite fireplace, fine wood throughout, orchid grotto, over 1000 exotic plants, antiquities, even the fine furnishings can be purchased. Priced drastically reduced to $155,000!

Cotacachi Vacation Rentals and Long-Term Rentals, Offered by We have 6 fully-furnished condos and 6 houses available for both short- and long-term rentals. Some units have direct tv; some have internet. We recently hired a Jenny Mackie to handle rentals. Click here for a contact form to receive more information.

Faces of Ecuador: The somber beauty of little dark-skinned indigenous princesses.

Water Crisis in Cotacachi: Today we heard that this weekend in Cotacachi, locals will convene to find a solution to a growing water problem. Water is being rationed in a number of villages with some receiving only 2 hours of water use per day. Reports say that several rivers are running dry due to months of drought.

3 villages will join forces in a one-month minga (work detail) to lay pipe to bring desperately needed water to their villages. Stay tuned for further developments.

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