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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Shocking statistics about education in Cotacachi
January 30, 2010

Pro-Ecuador January 30 newsletter

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter
January 30, 2010

Dear Pro-Ecuador Reader,

This newsletter is a continuation of our last newsletter, bringing you more information about education in Cotacachi. There’s more about Las Lomas, a fine private bilingual school in Cotacachi, plus educational statistics about Cotacachi students in the form of a slide show and UNORCAC’s scholarship program for high school students.

Las Lomas School in Cotacachi has many advantages for students. The tuition is low and so is the student/teacher ratio.  The campus is spotless, the teachers love their students and learning is fun.

View this slide show of Education in Cotacachi.  The statistics are sobering and shocking. Peace Corps volunteer Kenji Tabery showed this presentation at a Friday night gringo gathering.

UNORCAC Scholarship Program is a definite success.  The number of scholarships granted to students has risen to 30, with 100 as the goal for this year.

Faces of Ecuador – more cute kids to brighten your day.

Ecuador Real Estate: Just about the finest development in Ecuador, El Encanto (meaning The Enchantment) will fulfill your dream of an simple, easy yet luxurious life in Ecuador. Designed by one of Ecuador’s best architects, Patricio Falconi.

We have several pieces of land, prime pieces of real estate just waiting for you to mold into your own personal paradise:

Large buildable tract of land for sale, best buy around at only $5.80 per square meter.

The perfect building spot close in to Cotacachi and drastically reduced to $19,500! 

February’s newsletter will include an article about Cotacachi’s Ethnobotanical Garden.

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