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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Schooling, education and organics in Cotacachi
January 16, 2010

Pro-Ecuador January 16 newsletter

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter
January 16, 2010

Dear Pro-Ecuador Reader,

Our first newsletter of the new year looks at education in Cotacachi.  Since we don’t have school-age children, we haven’t written much about education in Ecuador.

Readers keep writing us asking for information about schools, so we will be presenting our findings in this and future newsletters.

Private Schooling in Cotacachi, Ecuador

Nine-year-old Sophia Myers shares her fears and triumphs in this article about her new school in Cotacachi--Las Lomas.

She has left the familiar and the comfortable in North America and replaced it with a new country, town, home and school in Cotacachi.

Cotacachi Organic Nursery and Honey Farm

A visit to UNORCAC’s Organic Nursery and Honey Farm reveals a goldmine of healthy and delicious plants.  The nursery is the place for purchasing organic honey, pollen and propolis.

Best of all, organic plants are “free” if you agree to repay the nursery with 2 to 3 of the same plants later.

Ecuador Faces

This newsletter’s Faces is dedicated to one particularly fetching young lady, Aynayana, a winsome two-and-a-half-year-old of Dutch/Romanian gypsy/African/indigenous (Utavalus) heritage.

A Rare Opportunity:  A House for Sale in Idyllic San Miguel

At last we can offer a charming 2-bedroom adobe house in one of Cotacachi’s most sought-after gated communities.  This well-planned development has green spaces, fabulous views, security and a community center.

I especially like the custom features in the house—wrought iron chandelier and pot rack in the kitchen, a stone fireplace, wooden shelves built into wall niches.  And the price is very right.

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