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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Healing plants and world’s largest environmental lawsuit
February 13, 2010

Pro-Ecuador February 15, 2010 newsletter

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter
February 15, 2010

World’s Largest Environmental Lawsuit is underway in the Ecuador Amazon rainforests. 30,000 natives fight for their health and welfare against 3 decades of toxic dumping and oil pollution by Texaco, now chevron. Also read our blog about Rainforest Chernobyl

The Cotacachi Ethnobotanical Garden is a kaleidoscope of color showcasing native and non-native plants. Experience the garden’s exotic fruits, flowers, trees and medicinal herbs with all your senses during a private tour.

For more information about the exotic and healing plants at the Ethnobotanical Garden, click here.

View from the Roof takes another look at how newcomers to Ecuador are impacting the local economy, culture and lifestyle.

Cotacachi Real Estate – Paradiso Homes has only a few homesites left.  Walk to town from your rustic two-story colonial.

Faces of Ecuador – wisdom is reflected in these portraits of elders in Ecuador.

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