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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: A magnificent old colonial may be replaced by a supermarket. Can you help?
December 25, 2009

Pro-Ecuador December24 newsletter

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter
December 24, 2009

Dear Pro-Ecuador Reader,


First Intercultural Indigenous/Expat Christmas a Huge Success

Merry Christmas from Pro-Ecuador. Last Saturday, an exciting and perhaps historical event occurred between the indigenous communities above Cotacachi, and the Cotacachi Expat community. The first Intercultural Indigenous/Expat Christmas celebration was a great success.  Thirty-three expats boarded a bus filled with holiday cheer, Santa Claus and Christmas carols. Read the story and see the pictures here.


A View From the Roof: A Small Step with Huge Potential

The memory of 35 gringos, not to mention a red-suited Santa belting out Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Feliz Navidad, will leave an impression that the children of San Pedro, Asaya, El Batan and Cercado will carry with them fondly for many years. Read about it here.


One of Cotacachi’s Finest Colonials Threatened by a Supermarket

Linda has written several blogs about the rapid demise of old colonials in Cotacachi.  We have a delightful old building listed for sale right on the town square at a greatly reduced price but it is in danger of being torn down unless a preservationist comes along to save it.  

Our first prospective buyer for it wants to demolish it and construct a new supermarket on the town square. This shouldn't be allowed to happen. This incredible building is waiting for the creative touch of some energetic entrepreneur.  Strategically located in the very heart of Cotacachi, our old colonial could be the finest restaurant/gift shop north of Quito.  Interested? Read here


Can A Gringo Develop a Taste for Cuy ?(Guinea pig to you northerners)

In quite a miraculous way, we did last Sunday. Don’t miss this interesting story about cultural transformation/integration.

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