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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Santa Claus is coming to Cotacachi.
December 16, 2009

Pro-Ecuador December15 newsletter

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter
December 15, 2009

Dear Pro-Ecuador Reader,

Santa Claus is coming to Cotacachi.  But he won’t be riding a sleigh. The expats of Cotacachi are planning a big surprise for the indigenous children of four villages in the hills above the town. And the village parents will reciprocate with a feast of local fare at Cotacachi’s first Intercultural Indigenous/Expat Christmas Celebration. Even if you don’t live in Cotacachi yet, you are invited to be part of the fun and bring joy to the lives of some of the area’s poorest kids.

During the first major meeting of the new mayor with the expanding expat community, Alberto Anrango revealed his concerns about this increasing element of the population of Cotacachi and his recommendations for dealing with it. Read Linda’s comments about the meeting.

More than two dozen indigenous women and children in the village of San Pedro are decked out in bright beaded bracelets they have learned to make thanks to the volunteer efforts of a visitor to Cotacachi.  She has answered the call for new craft ideas to boost income in the village. For pictures and story, click here.

Have a look at one of the major enjoyments we derive from living in Ecuador: Faces of Ecuador.

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