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Pro-Ecuador: Must read Information about Ecuador Tourist Visas
September 24, 2008

After Several Month's Absence, the Pro-Ecuador Insider Newsletter is Back!

September 24,2008

Dear Pro-Ecuador Subscriber,

Thanks for you patience.  We at have been very busy with lots of changes, and hence, no newsletters for some time.  That is about to change.  Read "A View from the Roof" below, to see what has been happening in our business and personal world.  

Must Read Changes in Ecuador Tourist/Immigration Visa Regulations

The Ecuador Immigration department is at it again, changing the Ecuador Tourist and Residency Visa regulations.  If you are planning to visit Ecuador in the future, this is a must-read article. Click here for this important information.  

Want to Live in Heaven?  Check out Jahuapacha!  Cotacachi's Newest Residencial Development

By Linda McFarlin

An exciting new residential development, Jahuapacha (meaning "heaven," in Quichwa) just came on line in Cotacachi.  This project is offering first-class, four-unit adobe townhouses with ammenities not usually found in Ecuadorian developments.  The views from these townhouses are simply stunning.  Click here to read more.

Want to Explore Colonial Quito, But Don't Know How?  Let Liliya and Leo Help

By Linda McFarlin

Colonial Quito is quickly becoming "the in-place" to be in Quito. Picturesque old buildings, great restaurants, and quaint shops, make this a delightful destination for living or visiting.  Liliya and Leo, two relocated Minnesotans, will be happy to show you around on their delightful Quito walking tour.  Click here to read more.

 Taxi Pirates in Quito!  How to Avoid Them

By Linda McFarlin

After two years of traveling around Quito in trolleys and taxis, we are finally getting it wired.  Click here to read Quito Taxi Tips. You can benefit from our experience.

A View From the Roof: We're Back!!

By Gary Phillips

It has been a long time since we sent out a newsletter.  Click here to learn why, and to find out about Gary and Linda's latest shenanigans.


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