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The Gentle Art of Negotiation
February 18, 2008

Pro-Ecuador Insiders' Newsletter

February 18, 2008

The Gentle Art of Negotiation: How to Survive and Thrive in the Ecuador Markets

Learn the Ecuadorian art of skillful negotiation, or your visit to Ecuador and your life here will be considerably less rich, both in dollars and in the ability to fully participate in Ecuadorian culture. Gary’s article includes priceless negotiating tips. You too can learn how to save $.25 on avocados, $5 on your next Quito taxi ride and much more! Click here to read the full article.

“The soul of Ecuador is being born in a new vision of what our country and people can become.”

So spoke 29-year-old Cesar Alvear Morales as we all sat around our kitchen table last week. He spoke of participatory democracy in Cotacachi, gave us his views on the Correa presidency, and left us with some remarkable commentary on life in Ecuador.

Article by Linda, intro by Gary

Something remarkable is happening here in this canton of Cotacachi, the largest canton in the state of Pichincha. Linda and I and Durga, a friend from the states, had a remarkable conversation with a math teacher and university student, Cesar Morales.

It was fascinating watching this bright young man talk about his desire to assist the community. “We are creating something special here in Cotacachi, and now, with the new president, something special in the country. The soul of Ecuador is being born in a new vision of what our country and people can become.”

The fire in Cesar’s eyes was clear and strong. It left us feeling hugely inspired. Something truly new is being born here in Ecuador. Click here to read our report about Cesar’s eloquent explanation of his vision.

Cotacachi Hotels and Hostels

Many readers have been asking for information about Cotacachi hotels and hostels. Cotacachi offers a nice range of hotels, from inexpensive hostels to 5-star luxury. So we responded by providing this page with pictures and commentary. Click here.

Ecuador Real Estate -- Property of the Week

Dancing to a mariachi band, great food, a potent rum and coconut drink and a wonderful mix of cultures kicked off the inauguration of Colonia el Batan, a new custom housing development on the outskirts of Cotacachi. The developers had a surprise party and open house for Al DeLoach, owner of the first completed home. And what a grand home it is!

The development is being represented and sold by us, Click here for pictures of his new house and the party.

A View from the Roof – Opinion By Gary Phillips

Lots of readers are questioning the politics of Ecuador. One reader wrote and asked for my opinion about whether “Correa loves Chavez.” Of course, I can’t resist giving my opinion, especially when so boldly encouraged. Click here to read my reply to this prospective Ecuador resident.

Are you coming to Ecuador soon? Be sure to visit Pro-Ecuador’s Martha Perez at Casa Izabella. Martha is available to welcome you to Ecuador. Read more about Casa Izabella here.

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