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Tree houses, a rooster lullaby, and guina pig healing! Ecuador beckons.
June 02, 2008

Pro-Ecuador Insiders' Newsletter

June 2, 2008

A View from the Roof: Noise in Ecuador
Is It a Cacophony or a Lullaby?

by Gary Phillips

Is a neighbor’s barking dog or the party next door an unbearable noise problem in your country? In Ecuador, that kind of noise isn’t considered noise at all and complaining about it is often met with a puzzled stare.

This week Gary talks about how different socially acceptable noise levels are in Latin America than in other countries. Sometimes, it can feel as if you are in a mad-house—until you learn surrender.

Click here to

Healthy Living in Ecuador

by Linda McFarlin

Whether it’s fresh sea breezes or crisp mountain air, bright sunshine or misty cloud cover, soothing green vistas or dramatic peaks, the laid back attitude of the people, the lilt of Ecuadorian flutes or the zest of Ecuadorian food, good health caresses you wherever you go in Ecuador. More....

As a side bar, read how the lowly cuy, or guinea pig, plays a role in Ecuadorian shamanic healing.

Eco-Photo Tour of Ecuador

By Jason Murphy

Recently, Jason went on a U.S. cross-country photo trip with Paul Yarnall. Paul is one of the hosts and photo experts on Pro-Ecuador’s 12-day Ecuador Eco-Photo tour scheduled for August 9-20, 2008.

Check out some of Jason’s pictures, along with comments about how a few simple suggestions and techniques improved his photo ability.

Time and available spaces are running out, so click here to learn more about this fascinating tour, and to grab one of the few remaining spots.

Condos in Ecuador: Primavera II Progress Report

by Gary Phillips

“Build it and they will come.” The words from the hit movie, “Field of Dreams” demonstrate builder Jorge Quilumbaqui’s attitude as he forges ahead with his exciting Primavera II condo development in Cotacachi. A sanctuary of peace and beauty is being created right here in Cotacachi. Is it being built for you? Click here.

Ecuador Real Estate Feature of the Week

Arboretto Riverside Villas

If there’s an unfulfilled Robinson Crusoe living inside you, have we got the perfect tree house for you! And it’s located in one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world.

Check out this unique opportunity to invest in one of the world’s most exciting eco-housing projects.Read more....

How I Got My Ecuador Driver’s License. . . Finally!

by Jason Murphy

Many expats who come to Ecuador don’t even think about buying a car because public transportation is so good. But some people need a car, and hence, a driver’s license.

Click here to read about Jason’s experience with ANETA, Ecuador’s driving school.

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