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Free trip to Ecuador? Consider a Dental Vacation.
April 19, 2008

Pro-Ecuador Insiders' Newsletter

April 19, 2008

Dentistry in Ecuador: Getting to the Root of the Problem

We have found an excellent America trained dentist in Ibarra who gave us dental care that we would expect from the best dentists in the U.S. The beauty of the find is that he does equivalent work to North American dentists for around a third or less of the price. Implants are $1,000. Cleanings and examinations are $18. State-of-the-art zirconia crowns, root canals, braces, and everything in between can be achieved here in Ecuador. At prices like these, if you need extensive dental work, you can anticipate that a good portion of the cost of your trip to Ecuador can be saved by having your work done here. Click here to read about Dr. Bolanos.

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Ecuador Beaches

Ecuador Beaches are pristine and ready for development. We especially like the Ecuador beaches of Manabi from Pedernales south to Manta for several reasons. First, the beaches are stunning. Second, both the water and the weather are warm. Third, itís neither well developed nor heavily populated.

Click here to read our full report on these Ecuador Beaches

Airline Embargoes Make Summer Flying a Challenge

By Linda Mc Farlin

If you're flying this summer, make sure you not only read the fine print about baggage restrictions, but call the airlines to check the details, or you may have an unpleasant surprise! Linda just departed for the U.S. on Monday, and her story about finding out how many bags she could take, and what weight restrictions are in place may leave you laughing and crying at the same time. But a little humor goes a long way in making a difficult situation tolerable.

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Marcelo is a Bridge Between Two Diverse Cultures

As told by Linda McFarlin

This is another in a series of stories of people who are either living in Ecuador for the first time or are returning to live in Ecuador after years of absence.

Marcelo Penafiel is an Ecuadorian who worked for Exxon Mobil in the U.S. for many years. As a young man following his heart, he went to visit a girlfriend to the U.S. and ended up staying there for several decades.

Like other Ecuadorians we have met, he prospered there and made a great life for himself. But something called him back to the land of his birth. The following is the story of his personal journey away from Ecuador and back again. Click here to read more...

A View From the Roof: Understanding the Ecuador Real Estate Market

The Ecuador Real Estate Market can be confusing and frustrating. Why? Because there really is no "market," as we know it in the U.S. There are just a bunch of people trying to sell properties at what ever price they think the buyer can afford. There is no multiple listing service and there is little formal advertising, except in want ads or signs posted on people's walls. "Let the buyer beware," is the phrase of the day. That's why if you want to purchase property here in Ecuador, except for typical expat developments, you are best advised to use a buyer's agent. Read more....

Introduction to Ecuador Course and Tours
6 nights Ė 7 days, June 4th ĖJune 10, 2008 (4 spots left for the June tour)

Are you considering a visit or possibly even a move to Ecuador? If so, you are not alone. Daily, our website and blog receive hundreds of hits from people just like you, people who are toying with the idea of living in Ecuador, but just donít really know how to start.

This tour is designed specifically for people like you. You will be escorted by people who have already successfully moved to Ecuador and are living here. We will visit four of the parts of Ecuador most populated by expats.

In addition, experts will be available to answer all your questions about immigration and residency, shipping of house-hold goods, purchasing real estate, building a house and, buying furnishings. Read more...

Pro-Ecuador Events:

Intro to Ecuador June 4-10
Eco-Photo-Cultural Tour August 9-20
Intro to Ecuador August 21-27
Intro to Ecuador October 31 - Nov 6
2008 Agriculture Tour and Cultural Exchange Nov. 6 - Nov 17

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