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Pro-Ecuador Insiders' Newsletter: Eco-Photo Tour, Carnival, Jungle Hideaway, Pro-Ecuador in the News
February 02, 2008

Pro-Ecuador Insiders' Newsletter

February 2, 2008

Inside this edition…

-Eco-Photo Tour Opportunity
-Carnival 2008 in Ecuador
-Kashama: A Pastel Jungle Hideaway
-Ecuador Provides Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
-Pro-Ecuador in the News

Eco-Photo Tour of Ecuador

Join us for a 10-day Eco-Photo tour of Ecuador. This is not your average sightseeing tour… it is designed with photographers, naturalists, and nature lovers in mind.

You don't have to be an expert photographer to join and appreciate this tour. In fact, you don't have to be a "photographer" at all, but a great deal of effort has been put into making sure that the places we visit will have great photo potential and that we will not be rushing around on a minute by minute schedule.

This is a great opportunity for Pro-Ecuador readers to spend 10 days traveling around Ecuador with Pro-Ecuador insider Jason Murphy and photographers Sandy Morris and Paul Yarnall.

We are offering a $200 discount per person to all Pro-Ecuador readers. Just mention this discount on the registration form. This offer expires in 30 days and is limited to the first 6 guests.

Click here to read more about this exciting tour.

Squirt Guns & Silly String Welcome Carnival 2008

Today starts the biggest water fight in Ecuador, Carnival 2008! A yearly celebration starting 4 days before Lent, Carnival is Ecuador’s version of Mardi Gras. If you are currently in Ecuador be ready to get wet. Children prepare for weeks with squirt guns, water balloons, and silly string and freely soak anyone on the street.

Click here to read more about Carnival 2008

Kashama: A Pastel Jungle Hideaway

Some of the hidden places in Ecuador are so unique they defy description. Tucked away in the jungle 30 kilometers north of Santo Domingo is a magical hideaway known as “Kashama.” We like Kashama because it is truly unique and the food is excellent.

It’s a fairyland of pastel-colored buildings curving sinuously up the hillsides and cliffs that surround a limpid pool and dramatic waterfall. You can pamper yourself with a variety of therapeutic and cosmetic treatments, including body and facial massage, reflexology, hydro- and aromatherapy.

Click here to read more about Kashama.

Ecuador Provides Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Last year, when Joanne and Ed Rogers left Calgary to come to Ecuador for the winter, little did Joanne know that she would find relief from problems that had been plaguing her for 20 years. Sol de Vida, a small physical and mental rehabilitation clinic provide her with the first pain free days in many years. The cost? $2 per treatment for 20 treatments. Linda and Gary did extensive interviews with Joanne and with personnel at the treatment to find out what the clinic does, how it functions and who operates it.

Click here to lead into a series of articles about this fascinating clinic in a fascinating town.

Pro-Ecuador in the News

Although some Pro-Ecuador readers choose to live in Ecuador full-time, many live in Ecuador only part of the year. Living in two countries simultaneously can provide a stimulating multicultural experience. With such a low cost of living, Ecuador can allow you to experience life in a foreign land without abandoning your roots.

This is the philosophy of Pro-Ecuador’s Jason Murphy. He must be onto something because his multicultural lifestyle was recently profiled in a New York newspaper. Click here to read the full article.

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