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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Indigenous strikes throughout Ecuador over water rights dispute
May 14, 2010

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter May 14, 2010 newsletter

A View From the Roof: After several “trial runs,” Ecuador indigenous began a concerted effort to bring attention to the fight over water rights now being waged throughout Ecuador.  Though the blocking of major roadways with fires of burning tires and wood is basically a non-violent protest, it greatly inhibits commerce, business and travel for many of the country’s citizens.

Cotacachi/Imbabura Real Estate Tour and Introduction to Ecuador Course: If you want to learn more about Ecuador and take a look at real estate currently available, sign up today for this bargain-priced opportunity—2 tours in one.

Eagle and Condor Prophecy: The ancient indigenous message of an age of peace heralded by the eagle and the condor flying together is showing up in diverse places. Read this article from the perspective of a North American spiritual leader.

Cotacachi Real Estate for Sale:  Jardines de Pichavi--His condos are sold except for one unit, but developer/visionary Jorge Quilimbaqui has 5 remaining townhouses for those who want to make this garden wonderland their new home or investment.

Faces of Ecuador: Cotacachi “Cowboys”

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