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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: View from the Roof--Must Read If You Intend to Buy Ecuador Real Estate
March 21, 2011

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter March 21, 2011 DATE HERE

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Quinoa—Bringing Health and Vitality to North America, Malnutrition to the People Who Grow it

March 21, 2011

Healthy Living in Ecuador: Did you know that quinoa, fast becoming a favorite “grain” in North America and Europe, is not really a grain at all? It is in the beet and spinach family. It’s so nutritious that NASA chose it as the super-food for space missions.

As quinoa’s popularity increases in first world countries, it is being consumed less and less in the South American countries that produce it. Find out why in this article.

View from the Roof:  Avoid costly mistakes when buying real estate in Ecuador. This is a must-read article if you are considering Ecuador real estate.

Cotacachi Real Estate: Read about the ground-breaking ceremony at Hacienda de las Flores, the new assisted living facility being constructed in Cotacachi. Six units have already been sold at pre-construction bargain prices.

Read these webpages for more information, floor plans and a story about the owners.

*Take advantage of pre-construction prices for Hacienda de las Flores now. Prices go up May 1, 2011.

Crime in Cotacachi: Robberies continue to escalate with televisions, cell phones and computers being the target of choice. Here’s some sage advice from a long-time Cotacachi expat resident on how to prevent your house or apartment from being robbed.

Machu Picchu April Tour: We’ve had one cancellation for our tour, so there is space available for one lucky adventurer. Now’s your chance-of-a-lifetime to explore one of the most mystical, magical places on earth. This will be our sixth trip to Machu Picchu. We love it, and you will too! Contact us here.

*For those of you attending this year's tour, stay tuned for the third in our series of Machu Picchu free reports, coming out next week.

Nayon, the Garden of Ecuador, is a town overrun with plant nurseries. It’s where you’ll find the best plants for your garden and some really great photo opportunities, too.

Cotacachi Real Estate Tours:
You won’t find a better deal anywhere in Ecuador. Our real estate tours of Cotacachi and Imbabura province are the most inexpensive around and packed with valuable information from expats who live here. Join us for one of our upcoming tours in either April or May.

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