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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Drink raw milk to your heartís content in Cotacachi
July 18, 2010

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter July 18 | Drink Raw Milk to Your Heart’s Content in Cotacachi and Read Gary’s Views on the Disappearance of Freedom in the United States

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Drink Raw Milk to Your Heart’s Content in Cotacachi and Read Gary’s Views on the Disappearance of Freedom in the United States.

July 18, 2010


Cotacachi Dairy:  Want to drink raw milk like you did as a child, fresh from the dairy and loaded with natural vitamins and minerals?  U. S. citizens don’t have that freedom unless they own the cow the raw milk comes from, but lucky Cotacachi residents have that option, no problemo. A designer dairy just a short distance from town has happy cows and happy, healthy customers.

Healthy Living in Cotacachi:  The Sabila Man dispenses a simple, healthy natural medicine for well-being and preventative care on the streets of Cotacachi.

Sabila or Aloe Vera: A miracle plant that offers healing both inside and out for a large number of maladies.  It’s not just for sunburn.  Sabila is the only known natural source that scientists have thus far discovered for vitamin B12.

View From the Roof:  With endless governmental shenanigans coming to light, can there be any U. S. citizens who still believe we are truly, “the land of the free?”  If you think that is still the case, read this article to open your eyes.  Then say a prayerful goodbye to America as we once knew her—a haven for the oppressed and a beacon of freedom.

Cotacachi/Imbabura Real Estate Tour and Introduction to Ecuador Course: We’re offering our popular tour in September for those who are interested in living in Ecuador or investing in Ecuador real estate.  You’ll see everything from houses to haciendas and learn how to wisely invest in Ecuador property. With our informative workshop, Introduction to Ecuador, included in this tour, you’ll receive 2 tours for one low price, only $299 per person.

Next tour date is:  September 16, 17 & 18, 2010.  Click here to view the tour webpage and sign up.

Cotacachi Real Estate for Sale:  2-bedroom architectural gem on two private acres with 1400 species of trees, plants and flowers, including orchids.  All at a hugely reduced price.  

Faces of Ecuador: The openness and innocence of Ecuador’s friendly people, captured in the faces of four little girls.


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