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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Crime in Cotacachi - How Bad is It? Plus Cuenca, the Cultural Gem of Ecuador
January 30, 2011

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter January 16, 2011

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Crime in Cotacachi - How Bad is It?  Plus, Cuenca, the Cultural Gem of Ecuador, and an Odd Game called Trumpo.

January 30, 2011


View from the RoofIs crime in Cotacachi increasing and just how bad is it? Gary has interviewed a cross-section of locals and expats in the area and gives his opinion.

Kallari chocolate: A sweet Ecuador success story. A magical synthesis often takes place when the creativity and know-how of North America join forces with the bountiful natural resources of the Southern hemisphere.

Ecuador Culture: Every year teams of men and boys compete in a strange game called trumpo. The competition involves first one player tossing a spinning wooden top and then either he or a second team member catches it in the palm of his hand and quickly directs it toward a puck or disc. The object is to hit the disc and send it racing down the street further than the opposing team.

Places in Ecuador: Cuenca, the cultural gem of Ecuador, rests majestically in a valley in the south central part of the country.  Here you’ll find a small city rich in history, archeology, art, music, educational opportunities and natural beauty.

January 2011 Winner of Pro-Ecuador’s Eagle and Condor Award: An international team of physicians and surgeons from Chile, Ecuador, Germany and the U. S. (several of them from Minnesota), help children in Ecuador to walk. These doctors come to Ecuador at their own expense.

Says Dr. Jim Gage, from St. Paul, Minnesota, who assembled this year’s medical team, "I think this little program has become the focus of neuromuscular work for all of South America."

Ecuador Food: In this instructional video, Hambone Littletail demonstrates how to make an incredibly easy and delicious peach cobbler.  Inspired by his recipe, I like to make the cobbler with uvillas--small, tart, orange-colored fruit known elsewhere as ground cherries.  One of these days I'll get around to finishing my uvilla cobbler video, but I'm usually more interested in eating the cobbler than in filming it.

Cotacachi/Imbabura Real Estate Tour and Introduction to Ecuador Course:  2 tours--one low price!  Only $299 per person is the price of your ticket for our 3-day real estate tour and our intensive Introduction to Ecuador workshop.

It’s the most economical, informative and fun way to learn about life and real estate offerings in this area.  You’ll see the best current real estate listings and also learn the real estate buying process so you can invest wisely. We’ve added new tour dates below.
2011 Real Estate Tour dates:

February 20, 21, 22, immediately following International Living's Ultimate Event in Quito.
March 17, 18, 19
April 7, 8, 9
May 12, 13, 14

Cotacachi Real Estate for Sale: Everything is now in order at Jahua Pacha, a gated townhouse development in the hills surrounding Cotacachi. The new management team has all the necessary permits, including water rights and electric grid and deeds are being issued. Roads and landscaping are being installed.

We invite you to take a look at the model home to see for yourself what a relaxing and luxurious lifestyle can be yours at Jahua Pacha.  Best views in the entire valley.

**  We have one re-sale, a much-sought-after top floor unit, at a bargain price. Contact us for further details

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