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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Two Ecuador Expats Fiddle At the Beach in Jama.
December 19, 2010

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter December 19, 2010

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Two Ecuador Expats Fiddle At the Beach in Jama While Gary and I Try to Decide to DeBug or Dig Under Our Chochos

December 19, 2010


Ecuador Culture: Bullfights, cross-dressing New Years' celebrations, bright costumes and chowing down on guinea pigs are all elements of the culture of Ecuador. One of the oddest cultural events is trumpo, a game played by men and boys for weeks at a time with a wooden top.

Ecuador Stories: This musical couple has fiddled around on two continents, making their way from North America to Vilcabamba and now Jama, on the coast of Ecuador. Leaving the U.S. at an age when many other North Americans are contemplating R&R in a nursing home, these adventurous seniors say they have never regretted the move to Ecuador.  They  love the new life they’ve found among the coconuts, mangos and beachfront sunsets.

Ecuador Food Price Update: Food costs have gone up but fresh produce is still ridiculously cheap.

Ecuador Gardening: Permaculture Plans and Chocho Challenges. The realities of organic gardening sink in as Gary and I find bugs and fungus on our white bean plants and more weeds than we imagined possible. Our dilemma: To pull the weeds or plow under the chochos. Not as easy a decision as we thought it would be.

Three Sisters: Corn, beans and squash have been planted together for millennia, but why?  There are sound, scientific reasons why this terrific trio produces far better in close proximity than when planted alone.

The  Missing Fourth Sister: Not found as part of the jointly-planted guild of corn, beans and squash in Ecuador, this missing "sister" brings added benefits to the Three Sisters in North America. Why isn’t she planted in Ecuador?

Cotacachi/Imbabura Real Estate Tour and Introduction to Ecuador Course: It's the easiest, most economical way to get an overview of life in Ecuador. See current real estate listings and learn how to wisely invest. Since we include our informative workshop, Introduction to Ecuador, in this tour, you'll receive 2 tours for one low price, only $299 per person.

2011 Real Estate Tour dates:
January 13, 14 & 15
February 20, 21, 22, immediately following International Living’s Ultimate Event in Quito.
March 17, 18, 19

Cotacachi Real Estate for SaleWide open spaces and absolutely striking vistas are all part of the ambience at El Prado de Pastavi, a gated community near Otavalo. Customized homes are under construction on large homesites. Lots are priced at $20 per square meter.

Ecuador Faces: Christmas Kids


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