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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Dalai Lama in Cotacachi, $12k Raised for High School Scholarships, Assange
September 06, 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter September 6, 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Dalai Lama in Cotacachi, $12,000 Raised for High School Scholarship Program, Plus Important Article on Assange/Ecuador Asylum drama.

September 6, 2012

Is the Dalai Lama In Cotacachi?  I know it seems impossible, but in case it's true, I'm busy tracking this rumor down. Check out the possibility here

Click here To discover the amazing truth that Linda's research uncovered.

Cotacachi High School Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon:  Poor indigenous high school students offered their scholarship donors a luncheon but very few donors showed up. However, this embarassing situation turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as Gary explains in the following article.

A View From the Roof: Divine Hand Revealed in Cotacachi High School Fund Raiser. As a result, 65 Cotacachi Indigenous 6th graders will go on to high school this year.

 A Straw Bale House in Cotacachi: More about our Cotacachi pioneers in sustainable living.  Aya and Hector at Kurikindi Farms are constructing their own house out of straw bales, adobe brick and eucalyptus.

One of the Most Important Stories We Have Printed About Ecuador/South America/Assange.
Linda and I, like many people in Ecuador, have been following the Julian Assange/Wikileaks drama with rapt attention.   But something about this didn’t seem to make much sense; in fact it smelled pretty foul.   Yes, the Wikileaks revelations  were hugely embarrassing to the U.S., but why would the western powers go to so much trouble over some fairly simple news stories?  At least, it didn’t make much sense until I read this story.  Don't miss it.

Raphael Correa, president of Ecuador, gives a candid assessment of the Julian Assange asylum case.  There is both a video and an English transcript of the interview.   Correa is asked if he fears reprisals because of his country's decision to grant asylum to Assange.

Just in from Bloomberg: Assange asylum decision will cause U.S./Ecuador trade to suffer, jobs to be lost. Correa has labeled the threats to end trade preferences as “blackmail.”

Cotacachi Real Estate. Three properties sold this past week, including two of our new listings in last month's newsletter.  Cotacachi real estate is smokin' hot right now. 

One of the nicest condo opportunities in Cotacachi is still available. This double penthouse in centrally located Primavera II is the height of luxurious in-town living, with very quiet and beautiful grounds. Check it out here.

Want to open a business in Cotacachi? This prime building in a prime location is ready for occupancy. It is ideally situated for a fine restaurant or other commercial endeavor. The possibilities are limitless.


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