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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Expat Living Brings Special Challenges to Grand Parents
October 21, 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter October 21, 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Expat Living Brings Special Challenges to Grandparents

October 21, 2012

View From the Roof: Linda usurped Gary's blog this month to ponder the joys and challenges of grandparenting while living on a separate continent from my offspring. A couple of years ago we were afraid that we were going to be left out of the grandparenting game altogether. Now we have two little rug rats on the ground and two in the oven.

Living in Ecuador:  A 3-part blog series on the Andean village of Morochos and sustainable green projects underway there, thanks to the love and diligence of Paige Fisher, a Peace Corps volunteer dedicated to bringing hope and positive change to the people living there. We can testify to the value of this organization started by JKF in 1961. Cotacachi Peace Corps volunteers have been a powerful force for good in our community.

Part I: Morochos native tree nursery, food forest and NGO disasters.

Part II: Alpacas in Morochos. Just goes to show what benefits an organization like "Project Heifer" can bring. Also some ideas for Christmas gifts.

Part III:  Ecuador pictures of Morochos pre-schoolers. These pictures of indigenous children will warm your heart.

Ecuador Real Estate:  The cost of real estate in Cuenca and elsewhere in Ecuador is on the rise, both new construction and renovation.  Are prices still affordable or expensive?  It all depends upon your perspective and your pocketbook. See what the New York Times has to say, then you be the judge.

Ecuador Sports:  Living at high altitudes paid off big-time for Ecuador's national soccer team during the latest qualifying match with Chile. While we are not big soccer fans, we are paying more attention since our favorite taxi driver's brother in on this year's Ecuador team.

Ecuador Beaches:  Peurto Lopez--We attempted to track down rumors of new roads, water system and other infrastructure improvements in the Puerto Lopez area.  These changes will bring much-needed vitality and modernity to this dusty tourist beach town.  In the meantime, here's what Puerto Lopez looks like today.

Insider Cotacachi Real Estate Tip:  Pro-Ecuador will soon be representing the sale of a colonial house in Cotacachi with a 1/4 acre lot and garden space. Asking price is $60,000. These old houses are rare and those remaining don't often become available for sale.  This house has two major assets. It's very close to the main square, so the property value is high and the lot is large, (65 ft x 165 ft) If you have the foresight and imagination needed to restore/rebuild a part of Cotacachi's past, contact us for more information.

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