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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: CIA Allegedly Using Drug Money to Defeat Correa
November 13, 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter November 13, 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: CIA Allegedly Using Drug Money to Defeat Ecuador President Correa

November 13, 2012

A View From the Roof: A Chilean News Organization, Panoramos, has alleged that the CIA and DEA stations in Chile are involved in cocaine smuggling to finance the defeat of Ecuador's President Correa in the next election in 2013. Read Gary's commentary, along with many links, about the drug war and the effect of legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington state and Colorado.


Peace and Love in Puertoviejo--Linda made two new young friends in the capital city of Manabi province. The language of love needs no words, which is a good thing since Linda's spanish is atrocious.


Ecuador Beaches: Puerto Lopez, Part II--Linda continues her series on Ecuador Beach towns with a look at some of the more innovative and attractive features of Puerto Lopez architecture.


Ecuador Beaches: Puerto Lopez' Hosteria Mandala, Part III--A visit to Puerto Lopez must include stopping by Hosteria Mandala for at least a good look or for accommodation in one of their garden bungalows. Look for the whale skeleton at the north end of Puerto Lopez beach.


Real Estate for Sale--The colonial we advertised in our previous newsletter has an offer pending and we expect it will be accepted.

This month, we are please to offer a luxury home in one of the best parts of Cotacachi that has been dramatically reduced in price.

When we first offered this 5-bedroom, 4-bath house, the owner was asking $250k. Now, he says he must sell. His family has already moved out. The price is lowered to $180k. With a beautifully landscaped half-acre lot, separate exercise building with sauna and a steam room, this house has it all. Ideal for a B&B or a family home. Click here for a look.


Tierra Firme Lot Price Reduction--We also have a rare opportunity in the exclusive Tierra Firme development. One of the best lots has just had its price lowered from $55,000 to $48,500. The owner reluctantly moved back to the states and needs to sell. Click here for more information.


Townhouse back on the market--Remember the three story Cotacachi townhouse we offered a few months ago? It sold quickly, but now it's back on the market. Yes, the price is higher at $99,900, but it is still a good bargain. The new owner has to sell. Check it out.


Frequently Asked Questions about your move to Ecuador--We often get emails with questions about life in Ecuador. This page answers many of the most frequently asked questions, such as cost of living, buying cars, cell phones, etc. If you are at all considering Ecuador as a destination, here is a good place to start/


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