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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Hot Interview! Julian Assange Interviews Rafael Correa
May 23, 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter May 23, 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Julian Assange Interviews Ecuador President Correa

May 23, 2012

A View from the RoofTo hear many politicians in the U.S. Government, Ecuador President Rafael Correa is the devil incarnate. In this very interesting interview, Julian Assange of Wiki-leaks fame, interviews the President. Watch President Correa tell his side of the story, and read Gary's take on what kind of a President is Rafael Correa! This story is hot!!

They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships: A few weeks ago, we had a beautiful stay in Crucita on the coast just north of Manta. There has been an on-going "battle" to try to get the fish cutters off the beach and into a cooperative work area. It seems the battle has finally been won. Check out this story, along with some beautiful pictures of the Ecuaorian coast.

Crucita to Bahia de Caraquez by Bus: One of the true joys of travel in Ecuador is to travel by bus. It is one of the best ways to experience the country and to mingle with the people. Yes, occasionally it is uncomfortable. But that's actually part of the fun. In this article, Linda writes about our beach journey north to Bahia. Again, you will love the pictures.

Cotacachi/Imbabura Real Estate Tour and Introduction to Ecuador Course: One of the best ways to get an understanding of life in Ecuador, and Cotacachi Real estate, is by taking one of our three day tours. Many of the properties we have sold over the years have been to tour participants. Why? Because we know the ropes and the market, and we make it easy.

These tours are the most economical, informative and fun way to learn about life and real estate offerings in the Cotacachi area.  You’ll see the best current real estate listings and also learn the real estate buying process so you can invest wisely. We’ve added new tour dates below. Sign up now!

2012 Real Estate Tour dates:

June 21, 22, 23,
July 26, 27, 28
Aug 23,24,25
Sept 20,21, 22

Cotacachi Real Estate for Sale: A unique double penthouse in Primavera II Condos is one of the nicest properties we have listed in Cotacachi. This property is literally a joy to show.

From custom made furniture specifically designed for the units, to the incredible views of both Mt. Cotacachi and Mt. Imbabura, this luxury home is about as close to heaven as you can get on earth. Come and check it out.

Linda and I just returned from a trip to beautiful Vilcabamba. It's a great place to visit, but wow! are the real estate prices high. Watch our future newsletters for stories from the Valley of Longevity, plus more stories from the coast.

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