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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Correa Wins Election. Does it Mean War in the Amazon?
March 03, 2013

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter March 3, 2013

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Correa Wins Election. Does this Mean War in the Amazon, GMOs?

March 3, 2013

A View from The Roof: Raphael Correa recently won re-election as President of Ecuador. Beyond this, his party also won a powerful majority in the National Assembly, enough to give him virtually unstoppable power to change the National Constitution as he sees fit. In the last six years, Correa has done an incredible job of improving nearly all aspects of the country's economy and infrastructure.

But it takes money, lots of it. What are the implications? Ecuador sits on huge deposits of natural resources in the most fragile, bio-diverse, and important ecosystems in the world. Read Gary's assessment, along with links to several important stories about the battle that may be shaping up.

Yasuni National Park in Ecuador is a treasure the world cannot afford to lose. In February, for it's 125th anniversary edition, National Geographic did a huge story on Ecuador especially focusing on the natural splendors of Yasuni. But dangers of the human kind are lurking there. Linda gives a passioned plea for the world to wake up to a situation that may bring devastation to the park and its inhabitants.

When Linda says she is making quinoua blueberry pancakes, everyone in our household (that's me) leaps to attention! These pancakes are scrumptuous, and to your good fortune, her readers convinced her to share the recipe.

An Environmentalist's Reminder to Grandmothers: We just had our third grandchild, a boy, and we have another one on the way. This relatively sudden change in our lives has caused Linda to dig deep into what it means to be a grandmother.

Vandana Shiva of India is one of Linda's heroines. She is a passionate environmentalist and founder of "The Grandmother's University" in India. As a grandfather, I love this blog, because it speaks to me of the role of elders in our grandchildrens' lives, and especially the role of the Grandmother. Even more, Vandana's revelations about the horrors of GMOs in India is a serious warning to Ecuador not to make the same mistake.

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental, as in Motorcycle: We've been getting press releases from these guys for awhile. I'm not a biker, but going on a motorcycle tour of Ecuador looks like great sport, especially with all the new roads. This is not a recommendation, as I don't know them. If you do happen to go on a motorcycle tour with them, send us a report. We'd love to share your adventures with our readers.

Dramatic $40,000 Price Reduction: Owner selling for medical reasons. This nearly new 2847 sq. ft. adobe house in Cotacachi has a 1/2 acre lot. Located in a 10-lot subdivision within walking distance of downtown Cotacachi.

Tierra Firme lot resale: Tierra Firme is booming these days. After sitting with very few houses for several years, this premier development just outside of Cotacachi now has 5 houses completed and 6 just beginning construction. We have a new listing on lot number 23, a 3/4 acre lot on the canyon rim is being offered for $68,000. This price includes a complete set of architectural drawings worth $4,000. Unobstructed views of the canyon and Volcano Cotacachi, plus a prime location make this one of the best lots in the development.

Moving to Ecuador? If you need to furnish a house or apartment in the Cotacachi area, we've got a whole houseful of furnishings for sale--an eclectic mix of antique, hand-crafted and contemporary furniture, appliances, kitchenware, art and more. In fact, you can rent our Ecuadorian owned 3 bedroom house for $250/month, and furnish it with our furniture. Call 218-206-1115 from the U.S., 098-264-4469--local Ecuador phone number or contact us here.



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